Hubert Mayhugh

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Hubert was staying with his uncle & aunt, James’ parents. The detectives did not suspect Hubert when they came to arrest James, but then James’ mother called the police and alleged that Hubert admitted to stabbing Keith.

The media reported that Hubert was the killer, he was offered 30 years in a plea bargain to testify against James & Megan, he declined.

The state brought witnesses
(1) James’ ex (JX) that is still in love with James, who testified against Hubert.

(2) James’ mother (JM) who alleged that Hubert talked to JM on Misty’s phone (not true), and allegedly said he stabbed the victim.

There was a hat found by police in Keith’s backyard that had Hubert’s DNA, James’ DNA and also two unknown people. This hat was worn by many people, it is not clear how the hat got there.

A cigarette stub was found in Keith’s home with Hubert’s DNA on it, however Hubert had visited Keith’s home on previous occasions, so this should not have been suspicious.

Hubert could not raise the last $4,500 needed for a private attorney, and the case was passed to a public defender who was not well prepared for trial.

In summary:
Megan and Levi were scared, so they cooked up a plot, with Rachel’s help ( Rachel being Levi’s mum ).