Mario Casciaro

Mario Casciaro was convicted based only on the testimony of a criminal who received immunity in exchange for his testimony against Casciaro. Mario had alibi witnesses and actual evidence pointed to another criminal. The witness has now admitted he lied after being coached by the prosecutor. Fortunately, Casciaro now has Kathleen Zellner on his side. She found evidence the prosecution concealed which has now magically ‘disappeared’.

Please refer to this article from October 3rd 2014 for information.

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Conviction overturned 17 September 2015

Leaves prison 23 September 2015 ABC News

In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ “20/20” last October, Lamb recanted his testimony, saying he lied to prosecutors and lied under oath.

“All of it was false. Every single thing … The state’s attorney set it up,” Lamb told “20/20.” “Mario is in there for 26 years for something he didn’t do.”

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