Rodney Lincoln – another victim of Tommy Lynn Sells?

Evidence recently uncovered by Investigating Innocence has revealed notorious serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells as the probable killer of Joann Tate.

Sells’ brother, recently confirmed that Tommy Lynn Sells was living in St. Louis at the time JoAnn Tate was killed. In addition, Sells was working at a company owned by his family which repaired and sold used Volkswagens. A major lead in the case was the white Volkswagen that Melissa saw “Bill”, an unidentified suspect, driving.

Key forensic evidence at trial was a single pubic hair recovered at the scene, a prosecution expert claimed it was similar to Rodney Lincoln.  However, in Novermber 2010, Rodney Lincoln’s DNA was eliminated as the source of the pubic hair found at the crime scene, based on mitochondrial DNA testing.

However the judge ruled this new evidence to be irrelevant, citing an eyewitness identification by a seven year old child.

Now tests are being conducted to check if Tommy Sells’ DNA matches the pubic hair. Based on all the circumstances a match is very probable.

Please see this petition for further details, and sign the petition!

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