Can Jodi Arias’ Sentencing Be Fair?

Good summary of the recent hearing in this featured case.

Dare to Think

arias3-largeIt took a three day evidentiary hearing and three weeks of arguing for a Mesa, Arizona police technician to admit that there was pornography present on Travis Alexander’s computer.  That might not sound like much, but it is at the center of a disturbing question in the capital case, were files deleted from the victim’s computer?

Judge Sherry Stephens must now decide whether prosecutorial misconduct in the case was egregious enough to dismiss the prosecution’s intent to seek the death penalty.

She has a few questions to answer:
1.  How is it possible for there to be pornography on the computer when police testified in court that there was none?
2.  Who deleted tens of thousands of files?
3.  Was it a deliberate act of misconduct?

Arias’ defense attorneys Jennifer Willmott and Kirk Nurmi and their forensic expert Bryan Neumeister explained to the court the computer contained viruses that had…

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