Jodi Arias – where are we now?

The years pass by and the circus trial of Jodi Arias continues. Having commenced in January 2013, completion of sentencing could still be several months away. The implausible prosecution case continues to steadily disintegrate, as more and more prosecution misconduct is exposed.

Trial by Media

The case of Jodi Arias drags on. It is a classic case of misleading circumstantial evidence. In some ways it is simple, but in others it is complex.

It is true, that there are perplexing facts:

  • The large number of knife wounds – can that be self-defense?
  • Jodi fled the scene and lied about her involvement in a stunning show of denial
  • A gun was stolen a week before Travis Alexander died in a fight with Jodi

But there is a complex mystery here : a fundamental problem : WHY would Jodi want to murder Travis Alexander? There is no motive for premeditated murder.

On 18 December 2014, there was further evidence that confirms what we have known since the original trial in 2013 : Jodi was not in the least bit jealous of Travis’ new girlfriends, she had all but escaped from this toxic relationship and was looking for…

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