Richard Glossip

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Richard Glossip was wrongly convicted of paying for his boss to be murdered, and sentenced to death. There is no reliable evidence that Richard entered into a conspiracy with the killer, the conviction was based only on the word of the meth addict killer, who was threatened with the death penalty if he did not accuse Richard. The motive suggested by the killer was not credible.

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Execution set for September 16.

Article in “The Intercept” July 9, 2015.

Appeal Ruling April 13, 2007

Various documents

Death row prisoner Richard Glossip facing execution in days for murder he insists he did not commit Daily Mirror, August 31, 2015

When Eight is Enough How many “true” stories does it take to execute an innocent man? Transcript summary and commentary written by Mr. Glossip’s Innocence Legal Defense Team.

Article in “The Intercept” September 4, 2015

Article Richard Glossip – what really happened September 7, 2015

Fox 25 Investigation: Evidence destroyed in Glossip case before any appeal was decided September 15, 2015

Appeal September 16, 2015 via Huffington Post Article.

Two week stay granted September 16, 2015








Wikipedia Article

Evidentiary hearing denied September 28

SCOTUS Appeal 29 Sept 2015

Don Knight Discusses case at October 2015

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  1. Richard Glossip is innocent. The real mastermind is dead. Richard’s never mastermind the killing of Barry Van Treese (herein “BVT” or “Van Treese”). Van Treese was murdered because of what Van Treese was doing in that he had Cliff Everhart and Sgt Tim Brown of the Okalahoma City Police Department (OKPD) in his employ steal $25,000 from a well-known drug dealer. The money ($24100 remaining) appears in the OKPD reports [See, Oklahoma County District Court Case No CF-244, State v Glossip]. The $24,100 remaining was found in Barry Van Treese’s trunk of his car found in a brown paper grocery bag the money covered in blue dye along with a briefcase which the money was carried in. Everhart and Brown were the original accusers claiming to OKPD that (allegedly) Richard Glossip killed Barry Van Treese. Next Rrichard Glossip is represented by the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System (OIDS) and Cliff Everhart is appointed by Kristi Christopher, Chief of Post Conviction Capital Punishment division of OIDS to be Richard Glossip’s only investigator to assist in his defense. Really?!?

    The accuser for the State of Oklahoma who wants to execute Richard is also the chief investigator for Richard’s defense because the State is footing the bill?

    Since the beginning of this case in 1997, the OKPD admits to losing the following in this case:
    a) the $24,100 in small denomination U.S. currency found in BVT’s trunk covered in blue dye

    Source: [OKPD police reports Case No CF 97-244 (Okla.Co.Dist.Ct.), State v Glossip, shows the money but states it was lost];

    b) a Sinclair Gas Station video which would have shown who moved BVT’s car during his murder

    Source: [Id. OKPD police reports, Case No CF 97-244] ;

    c) the hotel registry for the Best Budget Inn (Inn) where BVT owned and was murdered in Room 102 by the admitted murderer Justin Sneed
    Source: [OKPD police reports admit to losing it];

    d) the original un-redacted videotape “confession” interrogation of Justin Sneed by Detectives Bemo and Cook of OKPD wherein Sneed admits to committing the murder but says it was someone other than Richard Glossip until Bemo stops Sneed

    Source: [See, Court Docket, Case No. D 98-948 (Okla.Co.Dist.Ct) for March 1 2001, Judge Twilla Mason Grey makes Minute Entry that she “inadvertently” deleted a portion of the original (and only) videotape of Justin Sneed’s interrogation];

    e) Shirley Rodgers of Oklahoma City and Richard Barrett (deceased) and others not listed confirm a videotape made Nov 21, 1996 (six weeks before BVT murder). The tape shows Cliff Everhart getting out of Sgt Tim Brown’s OKPD patrol car with Sgt Brown and taking possession of a brown briefcase (OKPD show black). There was $25,000 in that briefcase. It never appeared in the OKPD property room. It never appeared in the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s discovery nor on an exhibit list, with the exception of Richard Glossip’s original trial lawyer’s (me) list. Cliff Everhart and Sgt Tim Brown testified they were paid security guards at the Inn which BVT owned. The drug bust on Nov 21 1996 occurred two (2) blocks from the Inn. The drug dealer was heading to the Inn with $25,000 cash in small denominations to purchase heroin.

    Source: [Affidavit of Attorney (after waiver of privilege); VHS color videotape, Nov 21 1996, Richard Barrett and two others filming]

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  2. Reblogged this on freerichardglossip and commented:
    I forgot to mention. There was no fingerprints or DNA of Richard Glossip found in the room BVT was murdered in. There was however, Justin Sneed’s fingerprints, the cleaning lady’s fingerprints, BVT’s fingerprints, and the drug dealer’s fingerprints along with Ricky Paige” (deceased) fingerprints.

    Source: OKPD will not release fingerprints. They will only admit that Richard Glossip’s fingerprints and DNA were not found in the room and therefore Oklahoma argued at his 2nd trial that Richard must have wiped the room for fingerprints.

    When the Van Treese family was approached by counsel, Donna Van Treese, widow of BVT, stated the $24,100 found in BVT’s trunk was not theirs and wasn’t the motels money. She didn’t know where it came from.

    Source: [Attorney’s Affidavit at U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, Fournerat v Henry et al.,]

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