Benny Lopez

Featured case #49 in Chicago, Illinois

Benny was wrongly accused and convicted for an August 1993 murder and attempted murder.

Prior to Benny’s incarceration in 1993, two suspects were arrested who had been positively identified as the two shooters in this case, however, in exchanged for a statement made by one of these suspects, alleging Benny had went to his home and confessed his involvement, the suspect was released without any charges pending.

This same suspect would later testify that he was forced into signing this false statement against Benny.

Benny was arrested, then mentally and physically tortured when he was being interrogated; although it was documented in the police reports and throughout Benny’s trial, that Benny had begged to speak to an attorney and wished not to speak to these detectives-his requests went unanswered. These same detectives claimed that after Benny requested his lawyer, that he then made and oral confession stating he was not the shooter but that he was involved in the fight with the victims.

During Benny’s trial, two of the prosecutions own witnesses, Chicago Police Officers, admitted under cross examination that Benny was not responsible for this crime and testified their reports indicated two other suspects were the shooters in this case.

Since Benny’s trial and conviction, he has obtained seral affidavits from witnesses now coming forward reiterating Benny was not responsible for his crime. He also received an affidavit/confession from the actual shooter stating he was responsible, not Benny.

Prior to this case, on August 23, 1992, Benny was a victim of police misconduct from this same district. He was falsely accused and arrested for a gun charge where these detectives planted a weapon on him. This charge was immediately dismissed after the judge discovered deception in these detectives’ testimonies.

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2 thoughts on “Benny Lopez”

    1. Thank you for blogging this! I’ve been hoping his case gets a little more attention. He’s been in prison for over 20 years for a crime he did not commit.


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