Jodi Arias Will Live…

More than a reasonable prospect, the craziest trial I ever saw is over.

Lawyers on Strike

…for now anyway.  The jury hung, and because that’s the second time the death penalty is off the table.

The judge has the option of sentencing to LWOP or Life, eligible for parole after 25 years, and of course she’ll do the former.  The lynch mob is already angry.  Twitter is entering tilt mode from all the traffic from people who wanted a death sentence.

The whole thing doesn’t speak well of us, or our collective ability to reason.  That there was even one juror that would have voted for death in such an obviously inappropriate case is yet another testament to the power of official accusation.  If a defendant ever offered a defense so obviously unwarranted he would be laughed out of court.

In any case, it’s an appropriate result for two reasons:  1) you basically can’t sentence someone to death for the only crime they have ever committed…

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