Shawna Forde

Shawna was leading her own minuteman group called MAD in AZ border by Mexico at a time when the border violence was spilling over into AZ from Mexico. She was working on a case with the FBI to expose some high level members of law enforcement and was making a documentary on it. She had apparently talked about maybe hitting an empty stash house near Arivaca and stealing arms and money from it (empty as in no one living there); she gave a map of it to an undercover FBI agent.

Later three men and a woman knocked upon a man’s home in Arivaca and barged in saying they were law enforcement looking for fugitives, once in the one man shot the husband and killed him, shot the wife and she played dead, shot the 9 year old girl and killed her.

Then two more entered the home and raided it, the female said someone was coming and they all stepped out. The woman survivor got into the kitchen and called 911 and got a gun out of a drawer in there; she screams to 911 they are coming back and as the woman that entered sees her she runs out and tells the guys to finish her off, the guy shooter runs in and gunfire breaks out, the wounded female runs him off and shoots him in the leg, the shooters leave. The survivor cannot pick Shawna Forde out of a police line up and describes a woman that doesnt fit Shawna’s description or hair color.

No neighbor can pick Shawna out of photo line up. No evidence of Shawna is found on the crime scene. Just prior to trial the FBI agent that got the map destroys it knowing it’s major evidence and admits he destroyed it.

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News report with 911 call, June 17, 2009 | 911 call

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13 thoughts on “Shawna Forde”

      1. You are just about an idiot. I have them, maybe you should dig into your piggy bank and buy them. Stupid idiot. The Fbi files are sealed and no one can buy those. Keep making a fool of yourself, the appeal’s out and all the proof is in it.


    1. Maybe you should do your homework, go read the new appeal. Everything you need is there. But the trial transcripts, you will have to pay for them as i am not sharing them with you. lol


  1. Dear Lindanewyork I have the trial transcripts, maybe YOU should dig into your piggy bank and pay for them. Not too bright, are ya? The appeal of 12/16 leaves no doubt she’s innocent. So stop writing crap about her just because you dont like me. Sorry loser, grow the heck up. You make me puke.


      1. Hey Rae. You are leaving replies to me from 8 months ago? I got over you a long time ago. Is Shawna free yet? The Free Shawna FB page is dead! LOL.


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