The Oral Argument – Change of venue

Charles Ajokolo‘s appeal heard by UCF law students.


Yesterday, March 17th was the oral argument. Originally, I had entertained the idea of watching it live from my home in Alabama. My son’s attorney told me that we could watch it live. I had been weighing the idea back and forth.

I decided to present my questions and concerns to the Wrongly ConvictedGroup. I especially want to thank George Barwood and Don Rehkopf. I am so glad that I joined the group. Their advice kept me from a lot of heartache. 

It is a good thing that I attended because the argument was not held at the normal venue. Instead of being held in the courtroom, where it is video-taped; it was held at the UCF Student Union, where it is not videotaped. This was a chance for law students at UCF to ask questions at the end of each segment.

Imagine that. If had I not attended and…

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