Daniel Benjamin Blan

Daniel Blan was convicted of the murder of Michael K. Bernos on July 27, 1994.

Daniel was convicted on very weak evidence, however Tony Quience was arrested on March 11, 1995 and convicted of the same murder. The jury that convicted Daniel were not aware of Quience’s involvement.

One state witness was a woman who was forced to lie. Another was a drug addict who was in jail with Daniel. Later he admitted he was too high on drugs to remember anything, and days after he testified that he was not being compensated for his testimony. He was charged with 12 counts of first degree robbery. Four of those were life with no parole. All but 7 were dropped and those were taken down to misdemeanors. And he later admitted he wrote the Attorney General office for a favor and was given that favor.

The death certificate says Bernos died approximately 6 pm. Daniel clocked out of work at 5:01. It takes an hour and a half to get from Daniels work to the victims home. without traffic.

A witness told police that two black men were in a car driving fast from the house hours before the murder, and they ran the witness off the road.

Bernos was a pedophile, and one of Quience’s school teachers.  While in jail, Quience confessed to 2 undercover officers than he killed Bernos, who owed him money for drugs.

Rosa Davis of the attorney general office was aware that Bernos had raped and molested numerous boys. That information was never disclosed to the defense.

Despite numerous appeals, Daniel remains in prison. Daniel had an alibi. Two witnesses testified that he was with them till 8:30 pm. At one appeal his court appointed lawyers weree asked why they did not get the charges dropped due to alibi. Both answered “I don’t know”.

Transcripts and other documents are available here.

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