Robert Pruett

Robert Pruett is an innocent man who was sent to prison at age 16 for a crime he didn’t commit. Then he was charged with capital murder for killing a guard which he did not do. This man should never have been sent to prison in the first place.

“The Legislature recently enacted three statutes addressing the inherently questionable nature of inmate testimony, the prejudicial impact of junk science, and the problems that occur when the State does not fully participate in discovery with the defense, and this snakebit case is riddled with each of those problems. I would grant the motion to stay this impending execution for a capital-murder conviction against Robert Lynn Pruett, applicant, on the basis that this Court should fully consider the merits of his complaint that junk science played a primary role in his conviction, but in discussing the gravity of the situation, I also note that this case is riddled with problems that the Legislature has attempted to now fix: junk science, inmate testimony, and lack of discovery.” — Judge Elsa Alcala of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals from her dissenting statement over the denial of Robert Pruett‬‘s last writ. Filed April 24, 2015.

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BBC Documentary March 2014 ( Also on Vimeo, see also here and this summary )


Death Row Inmate Convicted Of Killing Guard Loses Appeal April 23, 2015

Texas inmate asks US supreme court to block execution over lack of evidence April 27, 2015

Texas calls off Robert Pruett execution with just hours to spare April 28, 2015

Executed, October 12, 2017 Clemency Petition


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