Wayne Williams

From news article, April 30, 2015

Williams’ attorney Lynn Whatley confirmed he received a letter from the DOJ about a subsequent Office of Inspector General Report that identified 13 examiners whose work may have failed to meet professional standards.

The letter said “The work of one or more of the 13 criticized examiners is believed to have been involved in the criminal prosecution of Wayne Bertram Williams.”

“So they weren’t authorized to tell the jury some of the things that they were saying to convince them that this was the case or that this evidence matched,” Whatley said.

Williams released this statement to 11 Alive News:

“I am thankful, after so long, the truth has finally come forth about the injustice suffered by me, my family and the families of the victims. I hope these revelations can free other innocent persons robbed of their lives by these criminal actions committed by those entrusted to secure justice. This should be a wakeup call, especially in light of the recent murders of African Americans, at the hands of the same types of corrupt law enforcement persons who have been responsible for what we experienced decades ago. I sincerely hope that these correct actions by (J)ustice (D)epartment officials, to come forth with the truth, can finally bring closure and right this terrible wrong.”

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Atlanta Child Murders: Wayne Williams hopes for appeal April 30, 2015

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