Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis was wrongly convicted of the murder of a man who was beaten and abducted from his home in August 2007, during a botched robbery.

There was no evidence other than the word of the true perp who was given a light sentence, apparently in exchange for testimony.

Evidence was ignored by police, hidden from the defence, and not available to the jury nor to the court that subsequently rejected his appeal :  cell phone analysis and a bloody footprint made by a distinctive pair of Nike trainers, the same as those retrieved, by the police, from the home of Sonny Stewart.

Report October, 2012

But Davies’s barrister, Benjamin Nolan QC, told Panorama it had been a bogus charge created for Sonny Stewart, who had “slipped up” during the police interview.

Davies, now 31, along with three other gang members, lost an appeal against conviction two years ago.

But Patrick Davies, who featured on the Panorama programme, told the Telegraph & Argus yesterday: “It will help my son’s case because it shows that he wasn’t involved and there was no evidence against him other than by the supergrass. You have to question the reliability of his evidence.”

Report Salford Star, May 2015, pages 9 and10.

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