Jeffrey Braun

Jeffrey Braun is serving life without parole for the October 2005 murder of John Chappell.

He was implicated in this murder, of which he had no knowledge, by two friends John Shears and Roy Fitzer after a dispute with a drug dealer ended with a non-fatal shooting.

Jeffrey was addicted to drugs, and this led to him committing  numerous robberies of drug dealers, however he did not commit murder or shoot anyone.

There was no DNA evidence, or eye witness testimony connecting Jeffrey to the murder, only the word of already convicted felons.

Jeffrey had an alibi for the night of the murder, but the state claimed that that anyone who testified on his behalf lied, even though there was no reason for them to lie.

A year and a half after being convicted, Jeffrey received a letter from Fitzer in which he admitted  that not only had he lied and tried to make a deal, but he also had recanted his lies at the time of Jeffrey’s trial and at no time did the prosecution provide the defence with the information that Fitzer refused to testify. Instead the prosecution postponed trial on the day Fitzer was supposed to testify, and had the court sign an order for his immediate return to prison rendering him unavailable to contact anyone.

Article at wrongly convicted news | Proposal post

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