Matt Sopron

Matt Sopron was implicated in a double murder nine months after the crime by the true perpetrators who were looking to avoid a death sentence.

There was no physical evidence linking him to the crime, and the witnesses implicating him all told different stories. Defense witnesses contradicted their testimony.

After trial, two prosecution witnesses recanted and related how they were coerced into giving false evidence, transcripts are available here.

Matt was asleep at home when the crime took place, and he had no knowledge of it.

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News December 18, 2018

After serving 20 years of a life sentence, Matthew Sopron walked out of Stateville Prison Tuesday afternoon a free man — just hours after Cook County prosecutors dropped murder charges against him after witnesses admitted to lying on the stand during his trial.

Earlier, Sopron, 45, had smiled as he walked past a courtroom gallery overflowing with supporters Tuesday morning. Gasps and sniffling filled the room as Assistant State’s Attorney Carol Rogala asked Judge Timothy Joyce to vacate Sopron’s conviction for a 1995 gang shooting that killed two eighth-grade girls.

“Finally, justice,” Sopron’s mother, Patricia, said in the courthouse lobby after the hearing. “How many years that the lies never matched up, but the truth always matched up? In court last week, we heard the same exact words [from each witness], so the truth was there.”



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