Troy Clarke

The claim:

Troy has been an inmate on death row since March 2000. He was found guilty of capital murder and received the death penalty. Troy did not commit this crime. His girlfriend at the time, Tory Bush, confessed to the murder and gave at least 4 statements to the police admitting her guilt.

While Tory was in jail awaiting her trial she changed her story and put the blame on Troy. She was assisted in this by another inmate, who had been willing to testify to that effect at Troy’s trial had she been called: she was not.

Troy was convicted, tried, and ultimately sentenced to death; he is on death row purely because of what Tory said, he’s there because she changed her story after confessing to the murder. There was no concrete evidence whatsoever against Troy: any “evidence” was purely circumstantial, and it came down to Tory’s word against his.

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