Judge Kozinski on the need for reform

Judge Alex Kozinski writes about the need for reforms in America’s criminal justice system. I won’t try to summarise the long review here, instead I suggest that everyone download and read the article in it’s entirety. I strongly agree with most everything he says.

Via The Wall Street Journal

Commentary by Matt Kaiser Why Judges and Prosecutors Don’t Care If They’re Right July 9, 2015
“After reading the first 11 pages of Kozinski’s piece, one gets the strong feeling that our criminal justice system isn’t that much better than trial by ordeal. Instead of drowning people, making them drink poison, or setting them on fire, we subject them to other rituals that are not much more tethered to actual guilt or innocence.”

Serialisation at Washington Post by Eugene Volokh.

Summary at DPIC

Another summary ( reason.com, via the Innocence Project, July 24 ).

Judge Alex Kozinski and Barry Scheck Discuss Criminal Justice Reform at Cardozo Law School August 28, 2015

Summary by Phil Locke at the Wrongful Convictions Blog September 2, 2015.

‘Troublemaker’ Kozinski Unafraid to Advocate for Change December 2015


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