Cyrus Wilson

In 1992, five days after his 18th birthday, Cyrus Wilson was arrested and charged with first degree murder. In 1994, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He has maintained his innocence throughout the entire 22 years he has been incarcerated.

He was convicted on the eye witness testimony of a juvenile, who has since recanted his testimony. The facts of the case are simple, he was targeted as a suspect because the victim stole his car 3 months prior to the murder. He did not swear out a warrant against the victim at the time because he was 17 years old and not able to do so.

The gun an eyewitness testified was used to commit the murder has been proven by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations to not be the murder weapon. This information was not made available to Cyrus’s defense attorney (a court appointed public defender who had never defended a murder trial).

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