Mark Weiner – Exonerated

A Virginia judge on Tuesday vacated the conviction of a Montgomery County native who has long maintained he was innocent of abducting a woman in Charlottesville and taking her to an abandoned home in 2012.

Mark Weiner, 54, walked away from jail a free man after the Albemarle County prosecutor took the unusual step of siding with the defense in calling for the 2013 verdict to be thrown out. Weiner was serving an eight-year sentence.


Benjamin said an analysis of cellular data showed that during the course of the alleged abduction, Steiniger’s cellphone was pinging off a cell tower near her mother’s home and never accessed one that was close to the abandoned home.

Read full report here, Washington Post, Jul 14, 2015

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“Some prosecutors would call that sort of thing exculpatory information that must legally be turned over to the defense. Lunsford thanked the officer for stopping by and said she would no longer be needing his testimony after all. (This officer would later call the defense attorney and tell him what had transpired.) The second law enforcement officer offered up the same conclusion. He didn’t get to testify, either.”

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4 thoughts on “Mark Weiner – Exonerated”

  1. Please review Richard Glossip’s case. He is also innocent yet set to be executed 16 Sep 2015 in Oklahoma yet the public defenders in Oklahoma have hired Cliff Everhart as Richard’s investigator. Cliff Everhart is Richard’s first acusser along with Sgt Tim Brown. I know this is true; I was Richard’s first trial lawyer and I have given the public defenders (appointed by judge and DA) this evidence many times before.
    Wayne Fournerat


  2. It was after the public defenders (Oklahoma Indigent Defense System) hired Cliff Everhart, a rapist ex sheriff of Binger OK, as Richard’s only investigator on his defense team. WTF? Cliff Everhart and Sgt Brown (both employees of the victim) are the reason Det(s) Bemo and Cook believed Richard Glossip mastermind the murder of Barry Van Tresse.
    Van Tresse was murdered because six weeks prior to his murder, Van Tresse had Everhart and Brown steal $25000 from a heroin dealer. Six weeks later, Van Tresse was murdered by Justin Sneed. Sneed was paid in heroin to do the job and after he did the job, Sneed went to the drug dealer immediately for payment. The heroin dealer was standing with Ricky Paige, a known murderer.


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