David Randoph Blue

258979_527450830601714_1900953050_oDavid R. Blue DC 12974712 161S is incarcerated at Suwannee Correctional Inst. Annex, Florida.

Mr. Blue was tried for the same crime three times. The first trial ended as a “hung” jury, the second trial was “not guilty”. The state of Florida dropped the charges in Pensacola and then invoked the “Williams Rule” and retried him in Key West where he was found “guilty” by a jury of 6. Jury selection could not come up with 12 jurors who did not read the “Key West Citizen’s” inflammatory article posted the day before jury selection. His appeals have gone for naught and he remains in jail for something he did not do.

David did not receive a fair trial.

1. There was judicial prejudice by the presiding judge, who has since been removed from the bench, who allowed the violation of Mr. Blue’s constitutional rights:

  • Amendment V: “nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life and limb”
  • Amendment Vl: “right to a speedy trial”
  • Amendment Vlll “excessive bail shall not be required nor excessive fines imposed, ( $1 million) nor cruel and unusual punishments ( Four life sentences plus 80 years in the Blue case the punishment is not befitting the crime)

2. The district attorney reintroduced the accusers perjured and rehearsed testimony after they were found to have lied during the first two trials. The transcripts from the first trials mysteriously disappeared and were not available for Blue’s defense, The Williams Rule is a venue used by the state of Florida to circumvent Amendment V and retry defendants numerous times for the same crime.

3. Mr. Blue has not been afforded a speedy trial in that the state is continually requesting continuances because there is no hard evidence supporting the allegations that came about years later when “Oprah” offered money for revealing “dark secrets” and the defendants took the opportunity to accuse David Blue.

The state of Florida built their case on the testimony of witnesses who were proven to lie during the first two trials, where David Blue was found “NOT GUILTY”.

4. The state of Florida is not living up to it’s own policy of incarcerating the elderly in a senior facility and have Mr. Blue, aged 70+, with a heart condition, in poor health and in a wheelchair as the result of a vein being hit during a medical procedure.

David Blue was a licensed Captain involved with the movement of boats and yachts and was frequently gone for weeks and sometimes months at sea up and down the coast. On several occasions I assisted Blue on deliveries as well as other marina members. Some of the accusers’ testimony conflicted with dates where he was gone on deliveries when he supposedly perpetrated the events as claimed by his accusers.

Mr. Blue was a good father to the plaintiffs, Lauren and Lindsey Jaramillo for the period 1997 to 2001 until the mother packed up the girls and moved in downtown Key West with her boyfriend, later moved to Tampa area. The mother/wife testified that she had not seen any wrong doing. The Blues divorced and and a few years later Mr. Blue remarried.

Source: an email dated October 13, 2015, from a neighbour who knew David at the marina at the US Naval Air Station Key West.


David Blue was accused of sexual battery, about 10 years ago ( in 2005? )

The witness ( the alleged victim ? ) said it occurred in Key West and Pensacolo, but her statements changed.

The prosecutor has been lying ( I am not clear how ).

It appears he was aquitted in 2007:

Not Guilty 2007

But somehow this acquittal was ignored ( Update, seems he was tried in another county on similar charges ).

A document dated 2009, apparently an appeal:

Opinion Filed 2009

A motion for a rehearing, apparently David was Pro Se ( without a lawyer ):

Motion for rehearing 1

Motion for rehearing 2

Motion for rehearing 3

David won a ruling from Third District of Appeal in February 2015

Message from Marisela Blue, October 10, 2015 [ edited for clarity ]

Hi I really need your help the Florida people only working with DNA, they never answer to me, and the Key West court today sent my husband a letter with no day or signature, they sent a motion from my husband to another county, because they don’t want to answer, please we need a lawyer, this is a big case.

David Blue is a veteran of the Navy, 21 years as military and 10 as civilian. If he could tell everything that he knows about the corruption in the judicial system and in the prison, we can help others, also if you don’t help he is 73 years and he is really sick.

In 2010 I called a friend of mine who worked in the college and she help me a lot. I told her that

  1. In 2005 Oprah said on TV that she would give $100 000 to a person that gave her a sex offender.
  2. My husband’s daughter Lauren Jaramillo said in the court that she wants to take him for everything that he has.
  3. She also wanted the $100 000 that Oprah offered.

My friend said last week the Oprah boat was in the water behind her house and the police come to the building and said they did not open the windows looking for the boat( this was the week before the court), the order for this has to come from the judge, and the judges in the case was David Audlin, he has to retired in 2012 (he was the chief of the court and he still has 2 years more) and what he said on the internet is a lie.

Also Oprah’s people were in my husband’s court, the first investigator in the case was Mandy Cuervo and he is the father of Lauren Haramillo’s best friend, where Lauren was living at that time.

The prosecutor Tony Guirao en Pensacola lied about a book that they said that my husband showed to Lauren, that book was in Key West and he flew the investigator to Pensacola with the book.

Also my husband asked for a speedy trial in Pensacola and he [Guirao] violated, that after he set up the case and Lauren didn’t want to come to the court again, he supposed to closed the case, my husband was not guilty, but he nolle prosequi the case.

This case is really difficult, we need an experienced attorney, they don’t want David out and they dismiss everything that my husband doing because he is no a lawyer. I had sent you more email.

Please George don’t let my husband died in Prison.

Also the rehearing of the case was cancelled in August 24,and September 6, 9 pm somebody came to the prison to pick up David for the rehearing, they never transported prisoner at night.

Please help us. God Bless you . Gracias Shalom My English is no good sorry, I need my husband, please….

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3 thoughts on “David Randoph Blue”

  1. My husband case was back in Key West, the appeal court sent the case back with 6 issues mandate to fix, they didn’t fix any, the judge Wayne Miller said that they only can talk about one of the issues, denied witness, and he said that my husband had witnessed, but the list of the williams rule witness, they never said nothing about ,they denied the williams rule witness, my husband gave to the lawyer Jaison Smith, 3 list and he never call no one, the credibility of the witness, no prove, double jeopardy, 6 jury where they suppose to have 12 and more, constitutional right are been denied to a veteran that had fight for this country for 21 years as military and 10 as civilian. the prosecutor lie and the lawyer too they said that my husband has witness, but they know what kind of witness, williams rule witness. They are corrupt and liars. God Bless America Land of Freedom!

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  2. My husband case is in the Federal court Miami , Florida, but since 8/20/18 nothing happens, please Pray he is 76 going 77 12/13. Thank you , Shalom.


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