Quincy Foster

Quincy Foster was wrongfully convicted.

Quincy grew up in Chickasaw Oklahoma, then as a young child left for California as a teen and came back to Chickasaw as a adult to visit family.

Debra Dennis was murdered 4/14/1993.

Quincy’s cousin Freddie Johnson and another man Siebert Jones were involved in robbing and murdering Debra Dennis.

Quincy Foster had nothing to do with it.

Video from the loves store show the 2 men there that night.

The gas station clerk even told police Quincy wasn’t there when police caught the 2 responsible that should have been the end of it but they took a plea 20 years for robbery and only did 10 and are both currently out of prison they blamed the shooting on Quincy Foster.

The police in Chickasaw then we’re crooked they put these 2 men in a holding cell and told them to come up with who was responsible or they were both going down there was a witness the victim’s mother she identified several black men before the DA at the time convinced her Quincy was the one she had them draw a sketch that looks nothing like Quincy but does look like his cousin the description of his cousin.

They had no DNA evidence, no weapon, no evidence except for the word of someone with reason to lie to save themselves and a old white lady who I assume must think all blacks look alike cause she identified the wrong man anyway they tried Quincy 3 times before convicting him.

Quincy was strong and refused a deal cause he wasn’t going to admit to something he didn’t do they gave Mr Foster life with parole he has went up for parole twice and his 3rd time will be in 2015 the last time the parole board voted 3-2 in favor of parole but in the state of Oklahoma the governor Mary Fallin makes the final decision and because of the families of the victim’s outrage she denied him.

I have never seen anything like this before in my life there are so many thing that just don’t add up and anyone with any legal knowledge would look into this case they would see this man is innocent.

He’s been locked up 20 yrs of his life Jason Hicks is the DA pushing this case and he wasn’t even around when this crime happened and the girl Teresa Rudd Dennis who is responsible for the keep Quincy Foster in prison fb pages wasn’t either she is the sons wife of Debra Dennis.

Please give me some advice on how to help him alot of people believe he’s guilty when there is evidence that he is innocent Quincy has been waiting 20 yrs to tell his story and how he got into this situation he is currently in Stringtown prison and can be found on Oklahoma DOC web site if contacted he would talk to anyone willing to help him regain his freedom can you help us thank you for your time.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/QuincyFoster/

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