Jack McCullough

Jack (John) McCullough was falsely accused of child murder over fifty years after the alleged event.

Jack was accused as a late teen over fifty years ago. He was immediately able to provide a complete alibi unequivocally corroborated by army recruiting officers and timed phone records placing him scores of miles from the scene of the crime.

Jack comes from a highly dysfunctional family. He shortly afterward he moved away and changed his name. But nearly fifty years later his semi-crazed half-sisters (you have to read these women’s communications to believe them) charged that their mother had told them on her deathbed that the alibi was faked, they also made numerous charges of incest and other sexual abuses against Jack, their father and many others.

Jack elected to be tried before a judge on the incest charges and she, having heard the sisters at length, quickly acquitted him on all counts. Being dependent upon a public defender and having won his first round hands down Jack elected to have another judge hear his already discredited half-sisters on the murder counts.

The State’s case depended on hearsay on top of hearsay.To back it up they produced three stoolies who swore Jack had confessed to them in the last several days that he killed the girl in three different ways in two different places.

It also brought in a sixty odd year old woman who suddenly claimed to have identify Jack as the killer. Though she knew the family well, she had failed to identify Jack at the time of the murder but fifty years later (after his picture had been all over the papers) had a fresh epiphany that he was the murderer.

As the numerous alibi witnesses were now dead or unlocatable, the defense attempted to introduce the signed and dated federal files immediately after the crime and including records of the precisely timed phone calls. However the Judge, a political hack who had never tried a murder case before, ruled that the extensive federal government records were hearsay and therefore inadmissable.

Instead he immediately convicted on the hearsay offered by the Weird Sisters and the stoolies.

On October 11, 2015 a new and better informed public defender armed with much new evidence filed an appeal on Jack’s behalf.

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