Jerry Hammond

Jerry Hammond was convicted for the robbery and murder of his uncle, and sentenced to life in prison.

The first trial was reversed due to an incomplete record, the second due to the prosecutor referencing the result of the first trial.

The prosecution case is that on August 3, 1988, Jerry Hammond and Sandra Jackson went to Hammond’s house in Dothan, where they smoked crack cocaine. According to Sandra, they made repeated trips to purchase more crack cocaine, until they ran out of money; they then drove to a house where Jerry’s 80–year–old uncle James McNeil lived; and Jerry then entered the house, and robbed and murdered James.

Jerry says however that Sandra was the one who robbed and murdered his uncle. He has applied for ‘Touch DNA’ tests to be performed on the victim’s pants, the victim’s wallet, and defendant’s gray shirt.

The prosecution argue that according to eye-witnesses,  both Jerry and Sandra repeatedly handled both the trousers and the wallet after James was killed, and “a strong likelihood also exists that Sandra Jackson touched the gray shirt as she and defendant were, per the eyewitness evidence, together several hours prior to and after the murder, and therefore DNA tests would not reveal anything that was not already known to the trial jury.”

The defense also want a fingerprint from the refrigerator, some pieces of shattered windowpane, and scrapings from the victim’s fingernails tested for DNA. However the appeal ruling says “the Court has no idea, because the evidence at the hearing did not reflect, whether or not those items exist and, if so, where they are located and whether or not they have been preserved in a manner which would make results reliable.”

The conviction appears to rest on the word of Sandra Jackson, who clearly had a strong motive to lie if she committed the crime.

Sources: Appeal Ruling | Newspaper report | Discussion

Scanned Documents : Incident Report | Letter to Innocence Project June 2007 | Newspaper Report on incomplete transcript | Photo showing Alice, Jerry and Jeannette | SolicitationToCommitCocaineSale | Letter from Jerry dated 1 Nov 2015 | McKissick Statement

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