Grady Attaway

Grady Attaway was wrongly convicted for a series of robberies in November 1999 on the basis of mistaken eye-witness identifications. There was no forensic evidence to corroborate the  conviction. Grady was involved in a car theft with Moises Martinez, but had no involvement in any robbery.

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Appeal Decided Feb 24, 2003

Article dated Friday, November 10, 2000

A jury convicted two young Augusta men Thursday of a slew of charges filed in connection with a home invasion, and one was also convicted of a separate robbery.

At the conclusion of a four-day trial in Richmond County Superior Court, 20-year-old Grady L. Attaway and 19-year-old Moises A. Martinez were convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, hijacking a motor vehicle, terroristic threats, thefts, burglary, financial transaction card frauds and weapons violations.

At the minimum, Mr. Attaway and Mr. Martinez face 10 years in prison without possible parole. They could see as much as a lifetime behind bars when sentenced, at a hearing that has not been set.

Both have been held in jail without bond since their arrests last November.

“You don’t judge this case on the evidence you don’t have. You judge it on the evidence you do have,” Assistant District Attorney Jason Troiano argued to the jury in closing Wednesday afternoon, countering arguments by defense attorneys Ronald Garnett and Leon Larke that evidence fell too short for conviction.

What the jury had was “rock solid” identifications by the victims, Mr. Troiano said.

Mr. Attaway and Mr. Martinez were convicted of crimes in connection with a Nov. 11, 1999, home invasion. Armed with a handgun and shotgun, the pair forced their way into Debra and Brandie Coney’s home, threatening to kill the mother and daughter, binding their hands and barricading them in a bathroom.

Mr. Martinez was also convicted of the Nov. 18, 1999, armed holdup of Ernest Cartwright, who was robbed by two men after making a pizza delivery. Mr. Cartwright testified he was positive the man aiming a handgun equipped with a laser sight was Mr. Martinez, although he couldn’t identify the second man.

One thought on “Grady Attaway”

  1. Mr. Attaway was not wrongly convicted!Iam the Deborah Coney he robbed and it was my car he and Mr. Martinez stole and wrecked.He earned every day he spends in jail.


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