Steven Avery

Sometime during the day on October 31, 2005, photographer Teresa Halbach was scheduled to meet with Steven Avery, one of the owners of Avery Auto Salvage, to photograph a maroon Plymouth Voyager minivan for Auto Trader Magazine.

On November 11, 2005, Steven Avery was charged with the murder of Halbach. Avery protested that he had been framed.

Brendan Dassey was an alibi for Steven, he was not charged until March ( five months later ), it’s clear the alibi was true but his confession was false ( in fact the final prosecution case was totally different to the coerced confession ). Every thing Brendan volunteered in his confession was false (contradicted by the forensic evidence ).

The framing was rather extensive, involving the planting of blood, a bullet with DNA, a car key and burnt bone fragments. Planting DNA and blood shows sophistication and planning. Also, the key (for the victim’s car) was scrubbed before Steven’s DNA was placed on it. No DNA from the victim was found on the key – which is inexplicable.

Blood in RAV 4 near ignition key Ep 3 7 min
A blood stain found near the ignition in the RAV 4 appears to have been planted – a drop has been placed (say with a cotton swab) and then drawn out. [ Episode 3, 7 minutes in ]
Nothing adds up : for example the bullet with the victims DNA was eventually found months later in a garage, but there was no trace of blood in there – impossible if the victim was shot there, as the prosecution eventually claimed.

The defence implied police planted the key, however this makes little sense, surely the person who murdered Holbach had possession of her car key, not the police [ unless it was a spare key? ].

In December 2015, Netflix released a long film about the case “Making A Murderer”. In the film Edward Wayne Edwards is apparently seen in a court building in 2006 in Wisconsin (man in blue top in background ).  Correction: on Jan 31, 2016, it was discovered that the man is someone else.

Edwards is overweight man in blue top standing behind the figures in the foregound.

Edwards murdered Halbach and framed Avery.

Published on 12 Jan 2016
Did Edward Wayne Edwards Kill Taresa Halbach and set up Steve Avery?
Edwards, a misguided boy, vowed to be the best criminal ever. He killed scores and scores of people of all ages over a sixty-six-year period, and was never caught (for murder). Included are some of the most famous murder cases in the past century.


A Cold Case Expert Thinks ‘Making A Murderer’ May Be Tied To One Of The Most Prolific Serial Killers Ever, Jan 21, 2016

Montana author ties serial killer to ‘Making a Murderer’, Jan 26, 2016

The man in the blue shirt in Making a Murderer has been indentified and it is not Ed Edwards Jan 31, 2016

Note: the “y” in Avery has been written as an upper-case “X”. Edwards used a cross as his signature many times, for example the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note, which ends “S.B.T.C” standing for “Signed By The Cross”.


Case review by John Cameron February 9, 2016

Update April 23, 2016. A police report of a witness who heard a “woosh” and smelt a “very vile smell”. This could be Edwards incinerating the body of Teresa Halbach.

Another Anonymous Note

A second mysterious letter sent to the Manitwoc County Sheriff in the Steven Avery case. References the Winnebago Mental Health Institute (located in Wisconsin), which has this logo. How would this appeal to Edwards? “EE” but also “14” in here, his birth date (c.f. the Halloween card sent to Paul Avery), 33, and somehow a 6 to give 6/14/33, Ed’s birth date.





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26 thoughts on “Steven Avery”

  1. I did not follow the Avery case but I have been watching this documentary. It is very compelling and mimics exactly how other wrongful convictions occur. I advocate for the six men convicted in the Tom Monfils case from Green Bay, WI in 1992. That case is also very controversial and many believe those men are all guilty. But there are many similarities in both cases with how the authorities conducted business; interrogations (vs interviews), coercive tactics aimed at vulnerable witnesses and ineffective counsel. There was no planting of evidence in the Monfils case but jailhouse snitches played a huge role. Both cases have amazing attorneys working towards justice and I pray that it will prevail for all involved. I thank you for putting this valuable information out there.

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  2. Who runs this site? How can it be stated that this person murdered Teresa Haibach and framed Steven Avery as if it’s a proven fact? This can be very confusing for many people who have just watched or will watch the HBO documentary “Making a Murderer”.

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    1. Unless there is something more connecting him to Halbach than him being at the courthouse, I would have to agree that is not enough. On the other hand, he could be eavesdropping for his own protection. Is he suspected at all?


  3. Hallo Steven,
    When I saw the documentary I understood from the beginning how the power holders are acting. I had a hope that you will be free, but I became really sad to see that the truth have no place in the court of USA. I am a poet this i will divene to you.

    The power holders
    Are the disaster makers
    Confusion is their solution
    Politics is instrument of illusion
    Using the terminology
    To keep their prosperity
    Making the rest of the world bloody
    And then define it as diplomacy
    Talking about everything without issue
    All that is to confuse youThey indoctrinate you
    Darkness is where they want to keep you.
    Enslavement has become their speciality
    The grandsons of the slave tradors’ inheritee
    Criminals they are in the first degree
    Creating weapons spread means of mortality
    Have none taboo legalizing insanity
    Inserting fear a mothod of hierachy
    Manage to stick in antipathy
    Hating each other the means of supremacy
    Preaching of food shortage
    Inlaying none existing image
    In that way deluting our courage
    Ensures that people becomes outrage
    From cost to costLove is lost
    Became a ghostBelow zero
    Celsius such as in frost.

    Keep it up Steve they want to kill your courage that is some thing tha a few people have now this days. You are my hero I wish this world have a couple more as you are.


  4. Interesting how the police were SO smart, that they actually were able to simulate the blood stain in the perfect shape of a key turning when starting the vehicle. Look carefully and you’ll see. From left to right, the smear beginning on the left, when the key was turned…a small pool of blood where Avery’s bloody knuckle came to a temporary stop, then continuing up and to the right as the ignition springs back to original position, and Avery releases the key and moves his hand away. Possibly the best planting of evidence EVER! Genious!


    1. If I recall correctly, Steven’s bloodied knuckle was on his left hand, not his right. It would be pretty weird for him to decide to start the vehicle with his left hand. Also, none of Avery’s fingerprints (any DNA) were found inside the vehicle. So either he wore gloves, or did a near perfect wipe down of the vehicle, except of course for this blood that came out of a knuckle on his left hand.

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    2. (1) I don’t believe a bloody knuckle would make a nice neat round spot.
      (2) The two arcs leading away from the two round spots don’t go in the same direction.

      Looks planted to me.


    3. Except Avery had no cut on his right hand and there were NO FINGERPRINTS anywhere inside or outside the car! His only cut was on a finger on his left hand–near impossible contortion to get his left hand over to the other side of the steering wheel to the dashboard…. If he was there and wiped his fingerprints, then wore gloves, how would the blood get there? This case requires those contortions, physically and mentally throughout! First, he killed her in his trailer house. Stabbed her abdomen, sliced her throat. But in spite of dirty sheets, unmade bed, there is no DNA other than Steven’s and no blood anywhere in the house. The victim never even lost a hair from her head while being raped by 2 men. So they move the murder part to the garage. and suddenly find a bullet there (just one) with her blood on it. And go back to the nephew and get him to change the story he regurgitated to have 5’6″ Steven carry the tied, chained, and raped girl (he cannot describe her body other than “naked,” or what he did to her or touching her breasts (you can tell he has never touched a woman or had sex in his life)) in his arms to the garage where without her saying much of anything or trying to escape, he shot her in the head…once or twice or 6 times or 11 times? And there was no DNA in the garage except on the bullet found much later…. Give me a break!

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