Wrongful Convictions around the World

Last night I had an hour-long talk with exoneree Gloria Goodwin-Killian on “blog talk radio”.

We discussed how the Wrongly Convicted Group came about, the wrongful convictions caused by serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards and several individual cases such as Jodi Arias, David Camm, Debra Milke,  Kirstin Blaise LobatoDarlie Routier, Hannah Overton, Scott Peterson, Christopher ColemanStobert Holt, Sam SheppardRichard Glossip, Steven AveryBrendan Dassey and Diane Downs .

Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/acwip/2016/02/19/wrongful-convictions-around-the-world


2 thoughts on “Wrongful Convictions around the World”

  1. I am television producer working on a project about exoneration for ABC in NYC. We are looking to interview family members of present death row imates that are presumed to be wrongly convicted. Any help would be greatly appericated. I can be reached at cell number: 1-410-963-3071 or email goodenough73@gmail.com. Would be willing to fly members to NYC for interviews.

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