Alfonso Staton

Alfonso Staton has been serving time for a murder that he did not commit since 1997 in Lee Correctional Institute in Bishopville, SC.

Someone else confessed to the murder, however Alfonso was also charged and convicted for murder under the “hand of one, hand of all” law because of the testimony of someone stating that they saw Alfonso at a party where the victim was supposedly located prior to the murder. This same witness also admitted on the stand that he had been on a drunken binge for a month, blanks out repeatedly and really couldn’t recall a lot of the events of that night.

Alfonso was young when this happened and was advised by his attorney to not testify because it was no proof that he had done anything. With no proof, his statement proclaiming his innocence and a witness accounting for his whereabouts at the time of the murder, you would’ve thought that was enough for Alfonso to freed, however just as many before him, the justice system failed him.

Alfonso has filed for appeals and has been denied; he was recently up for parole in September and hoped for a chance at freedom however he was denied parole. To add insult to heartbreaking injustice, the person that confessed to the murder has served time and has been released while Alfonso is still imprisoned.

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