Clayton Mibroda

On January 11,2012 after just four days the jury in Westmoreland County PA, found Clayton guilty of 3rd degree murder in the death of his 20 day old daughter, Natalee.

There was no evidence to convict Clayton. No one at any time had ever witnessed or suspected him of harming either of his children. He and Natalee’s mother had two children together. There were co workers, neighbors, friends and family members willing to testify on Clayton’s behalf as per his relationship with his children and his interaction with them.

The location of the crime scene was the residence in which Clayton, the mother of his children and both children resided, Bolivar, PA. It was a small community in western PA.

Natalee was born on December 7, 2011, six weeks premature and positive for opiates at birth. She was released to her parents at two days of age and no further tests were done. It is our opinion she was experiencing withdrawl symptoms. By mother’s admission she was experiencing post partum depression, she was diagonosed with depression on Dec. 23rd and had a follow up appointment the afternoon of Dec. 27, 2011 at 1pm.

On the morning of Dec. 27,2011 while Clayton was ill and sleeping mother called the doctor’s office and asked for an emergency appointment; at this time she stated { my meds are not working, I need to see the doctor right away}. She was told to come in asap. The location of the clinic where she was seen was three minutes from their home, 0.4 mile. While at the doctors she was adviced to call the mental health crisis hotline, records indicate she did that. At 11:52 am Claytons mother received an emotional phone call. Ms L asked her if she would take both children before she hurt them. When asked if she had hurt them she replied; “not that bad”. Arrangements were made for Clayton’s mother to take both children but before that ever took place she received the phone call from Clayton telling her they were at Indiana Regional Medical Center and that Natalee had died.

If you would like to become better aquainted with Clayton’s story and the events following his arrest and conviction you may visit his website which is under construction. We expect it to be up and running the end of Feb. 2016.

Currently Clayton’s case is being reviewed by the Medill Justice program out of Northwestern University and the PA Innocence Project. Attorney Kate Judson has reveiwed some of the medical documents in Natalee’s case and made the referral to the PA Innocence Project.

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  1. Clayton is currently in the process of pleading with the trial court to release medical records, xray results, all reports and evidence gathered at the time of his daughters death. Because of new medical understanding in the realm of SBS/HEAD TRAUMA these are critical to proving his actual innocence. Testimony at trial and a secondary cause of death listed this paticular injury as over three days old. This again would be exculpatory in proving Claytons actual innocence.
    He has exhausted his direct appeals and the trial court has denied his PCRA petition. It is his intention to provide medical experts with these materials if and when they are granted him.

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