Kyle Evans

In 2011, Kyle was arrested for failure to appear on trafiic citations, small traffic infractions. The same night, two African-American’s, a man and a woman, were arrested for a heinous crime. One week later, Kyle was charged with the heinous crime.

He had got a lift with the two people. The police were looking for two African-American men, and one Africa-American woman. Kyle is Caucasian .

Instead of turning in the guilty man’s brother, the two in custody named Kyle.

They asked the victim several times what the intruders looked like. She always stated it was three African-Americans, two male, one female. After hounding the victim, one week later they showed her a photo of Kyle.

Could he be the third? No, she stated. Several times she stated no. Finally after more coercion, she said “maybe”.

They offered Kyle a 12 year plea-deal to testify against the two in custody. Kyle stated he could not do that, he was not there. He asked for a jury trial, knowing he was innocent.

The public defender said it was an easy case to defend, and failed to object properly during the trial.

The State asked Kyle for a DNA sample, which he gave. However the State never tested the Kyle’s DNA against the evidence they had. However in court, the State claimed a match.

The two guilty parties testified against Kyle to obtain lesser sentences. The woman got seven years.

Kyle was convicted, and has now filed a motion to test the evidence against his DNA. The State had 60 days to respond, after 80 days they had not responded. Kyle has been sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

The family are trying to obtain a lawyer to help Kyle.


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