Timothy Fisher

Timothy Fisher was convicted of rape and sodomy in 1993 and sentenced in 1994 to life without parole.

Timothy does not deny having sex with the woman. The alleged rape happened on July 18, 1993 about 10:00 pm. She left a while later and walked to a pay phone and had another male friend come pick her up and take her to his house where she told her story to his mother she told her to go to the hospital and get checked by a doctor.

The rape kit was done and came back negative. The officer working the case got her to show him where the rape allegedly happened.

Timothy was contacted to come in to talk to the officer at the Bessemer Police Department, which he did. The officers did not get a search warrant for his house to search it. They did not feel a crime had been committed. No DNA was taken from him either.

On July 22nd 1993 a warrant was issued for the Jefferson County District Court Bessemer Division after an affidavit was signed by the woman.

His court-appointed lawyer had just recently gotten his bar licenses back from being disbarred.

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2 thoughts on “Timothy Fisher”

  1. I am reading up more about this case. This is horrible. I find it appalling that there are now people (mostly radical feminists it seems) who are pushing for rape allegations to be believed and accused locked away without question or trial.


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