Rhonda Orr

Rhonda Orr was convicted of first-degree arson resulting in the death of her husband, James Orr.

The fire marshal that investigated the case has been fired for wrongdoing.

The police sergeant that charged Rhonda has been fired for wrongdoing.

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One thought on “Rhonda Orr”

  1. This website is a joke right?? There’s NOT a petition trying to convince people this sick psycho is innocent?? I’d laugh but I feel too much sympathy for the poor man she burned alive and his family! I say the ONLY thing Texas got wrong is her sentence and not giving her the death penalty(and I’m a Democrat but in this case the inhumanity is horrifying!). She’s lucky the jury took pity on her unlike she did poor her unfortunate husband so no I will not be signing a petition to help pay for someone who’s without a doubt guilty to be freed! Especially one who was given the life this woman was and chose it wasn’t enough so I’ll torture a disabled man who loved her!!


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