Keith Carnes

Keith Carnes was wrongly convicted of murder.

The shooting occurred in a parking lot near 29th Street and Prospect Avenue on October 6, 2003. A few days afterward, Wendy Lockett and Lorraine Morrow were picked up by Kansas City police detectives and were coerced to say that Carnes had committed the crime, even though one of the women saw another man shoot White.

But the women contradicted each other in their testimony. Morrow testified that Carnes was accompanied by a man named Gary Kitchen. Lockett testified that Carnes was with two other men, Mitchell Powell and Damon Rhodes. Each provided different descriptions of how Carnes shot White, with physical and medical evidence in the original case also in conflict. Both witnesses have since said in sworn affidavits that they lied at trial, according to a motion recently filed in Jackson County Circuit Court by Carnes’ attorney, Kent E. Gipson.

New evidence and perjured testimony suggests that Carnes, who is now 46, could not have committed the murder. At least three people say they saw the shooting and that the trigger man wasn’t Carnes; several other persons say they were with Carnes in an apartment at the time of the shooting, including a doorman who kept tabs on each person that entered or exited the building. In a sworn affidavit, the doorman said Carnes remained inside and on the apartment porch during the incident that led to White being shot. Many of these people were available to testify but were never questioned by police, according to the motion.

Source: Article at pitch,com, Dec 2, 2016


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