Elwood Jones

Elwood Jones was sentenced to death after being convicted for the 1994 murder of Rhoda Nathan, a guest at the hotel where he worked as a custodian. He has always maintained his innocence and absolutely denied involvement in Ms. Nathan’s death.

Ms. Nathan was found unconscious on the floor of the hotel suite she occupied at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio, on September 3, 1994. She had been badly beaten and two of her teeth had been knocked out. Blood was found in several places in the room. Ms. Nathan was also without a necklace that family and friends said she wore constantly. No one witnessed the attack.

Elwood Jones had been working in the hotel on that day, and he voluntarily submitted to police questioning. Several other employees reported seeing Elwood working that day and remembered him being clean and acting normally. A cut on Elwood’s hand that he received while taking out trash on the morning of Ms. Nathan’s death later became infected, and he sought treatment and workers compensation for his injury. After police learned about Elwood’s cut, they focused on him as a suspect. Police searched Elwood’s car, and his and a friend’s residences, and questioned him at the station. But none of the blood, fingerprint, or trace evidence collected from the scene of the crime, nor from Elwood’s car, clothing, or other possessions, matched him with the crime scene or the victim. To this day, zero forensic evidence ties Elwood to Ms. Nathan’s homicide.

Source : December 2013 memorandum in opposition to the State’s motion to set execution date.

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8 thoughts on “Elwood Jones”

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  2. This website is inaccurate. There was plenty of evidence. How about the lady’s necklace in the trunk of his car for one. I don’t know who writes this site but they do no research.


  3. No evidence? If you read the police report, Jones was extremely uncooperative from the moment the police arrived at the hotel to question all of the employees (not just him). He attempted to evade being questioned and refused to cooperate until compelled to under threat of arrest. He changed his story several times; meanwhile, the victim’s blood and her belongings (including a rare necklace) were found in the trunk of Jones’ car. The infection on his head was forensically linked to bacteria which could only be found on the victim’s teeth, acquired when Jones struck her in the mouth. Marks on the victim’s face matched a door chain and walkie-talkie which Jones had with him at the time of the murder and afterwards. The evidence was overwhelming and Jones was convicted by the jury after 10 hours of deliberation. His primary defense was that the police framed him, planted evidence, and teh prosecutor and judge were out to get him because he was black. His execution date, by the way, was just set for early 2019.

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    1. Couldn’t come earlier enough. He deserves to go for the abhorrent death Mrs. Nathan suffered.

      This website is a joke and left out EVERY factual evidence collected by officials that pointed definitively at Elwood Jones. Elwood deserves to die. End of story. There’s no saving a monster like that.


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