Pamela Lanier

Dorian Lanier died in hospital on 19 November 1997 of chronic and acute arsenic poisoning. His wife Pamela was subsequently convicted of his murder.

According to a 2004 ruling denying an appeal:

“Dorian and defendant had a contract to grow turkeys for Nash Johnson and Son Farms. Dorian used a turkey medication called Nitro-3 on his turkeys, which was administered through the turkeys’ water supply. Dorian had a proportional medication system between his house and his turkey houses, where Nitro-3 was mixed with water in a bucket called a proportioner;  the mixture then ran through a water hose to the turkey house. The hose had a bypass valve that allowed one to draw fresh water, without Nitro-3, out of the hose.  Nitro-3 contains arsenic and stains yellow any object with which it comes in contact.”


“Although Dorian knew the turkey medication contained arsenic, several defense witnesses, including defendant’s son, nephew, mother, father and a family friend, testified that they had seen Dorian drink from the hose attached to the turkey medication.   Defendant’s son, defendant’s father and an EMT testified that Dorian told them at the hospital on 19 November “he had done [this] to himself.””

The central question in the case is whether the turkey medication could have been responsible for his death. The case has been featured on “Undisclosed Podcast”. In Episode 4, the conclusion is that it’s very plausible that the turkey medication was the cause, and Dorian ingested the medication. Based on new expert opinions, a new appeal should be filed.

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8 thoughts on “Pamela Lanier”

  1. Thank you so much for the podcasts and information. Since I heard them, I have checked periodically for updates and with hopes that Pamela’s conviction might be overturned. I fear that she may have recently passed? And worse, while she was still incarcerated? I sincerely hope not, but if that is the case may this woman rest in peace, and may her soul be free of the burdens and injustices of this world.

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  2. I call rotten egg on all of this. I have no doubt she murdered him. Also in the previous “podcast” his father was not there when he died at hospital. His mother was not either because she died in 1970. Don’t believe everything you read

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  3. The mother died in 1970…. so how exactly was she able to speak. She’s 110% guilty of this. Having one husband pass away from an odd illness maybe, but two? No way. Also, occasionally drinking would not cause a rapid discoloration over 2 weeks as yellow as he was, this was a quick inflation of the medication given rapidly in way larger quantities. She is where she needs to be, in prison.

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  4. I don’t think she is guilty either …they found no evidence in her first husbands death . There was no evidence in either death !


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