Charles Douglas Raby

Charles Raby was convicted in 1994 of capital murder for the 1992 death of Edna Franklin, a frail 72-year old woman who was found stabbed in the home that she shared with her two grandsons.

No physical evidence connected him to the crime, he was convicted solely on the basis of a patently false coerced confession which did not match the evidence in many ways.

The jury never knew that the victim had the blood from an unknown male under her nails, and the prosecution did not disclose this to the defense, who conceded guilt.


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2 thoughts on “Charles Douglas Raby”

  1. If he didn’t do it he should of never said he did it after only 3 or 4 hours in police custody. He should of said he lied about confession in court when asked . He shouldn’t of waited until 17 years goes by then say that he falsley confessed .


  2. I am the grandson of the elderly woman he confessed to killing . I read his so called girlfriend at the time answers to the questions she was asked about him carrying a knife and her answer was no but she only new him maybe two years and out of the two years he was in the world three months . I hung out with the guy in my teen years and he always carried a knife there I have seen him pull knife out several times . On the day in question he was seen cleaning his fingernails with a pocketknife.


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