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Sabrina and Cosima Misseri

Michele Misseri, a man with a history of molesting females, implicated his daughter Sabrina (age 20) and wife Cosima in a murder he committed.

First Michele confessed to the murder of Sarah Scazzi (Sabrina’s cousin, age 15), as the lone killer. For some reason police decided it was too easy and pressured him in various taped interrogations to reveal his accomplices and hinted at his daughter and wife being involved. Eventually he broke down and said they were involved. Police couldn’t believe he managed to move a rock by himself and the coroner indicated the signs of the belt used to strangle her must have been done by a female because of the light touch involved. The old cell phone ploy where the cops placed Sabrina at the scene.

The towers were later taken down/changed before the defense got a chance to do their own investigation. Michele later recanted the involvement of his wife and daughter but now the police did not believe him.

During the trial the main piece of evidence was a florist that had made a statement where he saw Sabrina and Cosima at a time that would indicate their involvement. He later admitted it was not true, just a dream and of course the prosecutors decided that this was a lie and sued him.

The trial was held in the same venue and the locals were screaming for blood, even spitting on Cosima as she was arrested during a staged perp walk. The judges/jury were drawn from the same area and the city was allowed to join the case as a civil party as their reputation had been damaged by this horrible murder.

During the trial the prosecution tried to show Sabrina was jealous of her cousin but failed miserably. A cell phone call that seemed to mess up the prosecutions timeline was reinvented as a ploy to throw the cops off the real killer. The dad was eventually convicted of just helping move and dispose of the body and was released after a couple of years as time served. So the killer is free and two innocents are in jail. The appeal is happening now.

The motivation report was some ridiculous length, over 1,000 pages IIRC and the judges were heard talking during the trial making fun of the defense and seeming to indicate they had already decided on guilt. The motivation (supposed to be filed within 90 days) was allowed a year to be published and Sabrina and Cosima were ordered to stay in jail.

If you thought the Kercher case generated a lot of spin off lawsuits, this one was up to 22 at one point. And wiretaps, makes the Kercher ones look a little puny by comparison.

Apparently the defense experts in the appeal trial presented a report where they were able to reconfigure the original cell phone grid set up and that showed the cops got it wrong that Sarah’s cell phone connected from the scene of the murder (go figure). The judge has ordered an independent test to be done (a good sign).

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