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Bill Windsor

Movie Producer/Director Bill Windsor could spend the rest of his life in the Montana State Prison for filming a documentary.

William M. Windsor could die in the Montana State Prison for tweeting, emailing, and publishing a man’s name.

Bill Windsor’s trial is set for September 28, 2015 in the Missoula County Courthouse.

Bill Windsor has spent 134 days in jail. People ask why couldn’t Bill Windsor get out of jail on a bail bond?  He didn’t have a spare $4.1 million.

Did Bill Windsor murder someone?  No. He allegedly Tweeted.

Had Bill Windsor ever been in jail before?  No.  Had Bill Windsor ever been charged with a crime before?  No.  Bill Windsor does not even have a traffic ticket or parking ticket in the last 15 years.

When people hear this, they immediately think: “there must be more to the story.”  Yes, there is.  Bill Windsor has specific evidence of extreme law enforcement and judicial corruption in Montana and Texas, and these corrupt “officials” are doing everything they can to stop Bill Windsor and Lawless America…The Movie.


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Richard Raugust

“In recent years, a legal team assembled by the Montana Innocence Project has been mounting a case for Raugust’s innocence, fighting to secure a new murder trial by arguing that if jurors heard newly presented evidence that has emerged since Raugust’s conviction they would not reasonably believe he could have committed the crime, that the facts support his alibi, and that key state witnesses – including the man they say pulled the trigger – colluded to spin a web of lies, framing Raugust for Tash’s murder.”

Source : News aticle 29 August, 2015

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Conviction overturned November 16, 2015

In 2012, the Montana Innocence Project appealed Raugust’s conviction, saying that new evidence implicates another killer, and that if Raugust were granted a new trial, a jury would agree.

The new evidence challenges key testimony provided by the state’s sole eyewitness, a man the Montana Innocence Project asserts is the true killer, and claims that the testimony of a sheriff’s deputy would have supported Raugust’s alibi but was never divulged prior to trial.

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Barry Beach

For a description of the case please see

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17 Jan 2015 : Appeal Filed

26 Jan 2015 : Time for Montana to treat Barry Beach better

20 Nov 2015 : Clemency Granted

12 Dec 2015 : Meet Jay Via: One bad cop, in one county, who did a whole lot of damage Radley Balko, Washington Post.