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Fourth annual review

Since the third annual review in May 2017, 2 cases have been featured bring the total to 163, and 43 cases have adopted being the total to 133, and the overall total to 296.

There were 13 exonerations (or similar), bringing the total to 50, please see the Featured and Adopted Case List for details.

There were two executions : Robert Pruett, on 12 October, 2017 and Michael Lambrix, on 5 October, 2017.

A new Facebook group Wrongful Conviction Discussion has been quite busy. Please remember that this new group does allow people to take either side of a case in a respectful and sensitive way, whereas the main group only allows that during the voting period on a proposal.

Thanks again to everyone who has voted on proposals, or contributed to the discussion.

Wrongly Convicted Group – Third Annual Review

Since the second annual review, 20 cases have been featured, bringing the featured total to 161 cases, and 39 cases have been adopted, bringing the adopted total to 90, and the overall total to 251. One featured case was removed from the list.

Sadly Billy Wayne Cope died on February 9, before he could be exonerated.

Jimmy Dennis and Rodricus Crawford were exonerated from death row. Michael Amick and Jason Sadowski were exonerated after retrials. Other exonerations (or time-served plea deals) during the year were Lorinda Swain, Jerome Morgan, Davontae Sanford, Ingmar Guandique, Darryl Howard, Robert Jones, Charles Johnson, Larod Styles, Michael Peterson and Chris Tapp.

In addition, Courtney Bisbee, David Mark Temple, Lamarr Monson, John Horton, Rodney Stanberry, Patrick Pursley and Emerson Stevens were released either on bail, parole or time-served.

See the Featured and Adopted case list for full details.

There is now a spreadsheet with contact and birthday information for each featured or adopted case, to help letters and cards to be sent on holidays or birthdays, many thanks to Kaylene for organising this.

Thank you again to everyone for proposing and voting on featured cases, let’s hope that at least some of the many wrongly convicted people we support are freed in the coming year.







Wrongly Convicted Group Second Annual Review

Since the first annual review, a further 77 cases have been featured, bringing the featured total to 142 cases, and 39 cases have been adopted, bringing the adopted total to 51, and the overall total to 193. One case was featured then later removed from the featured list.

During the year there were 15 exonerations, bringing the total to 26,  two executions, and one death in prison, please see the Featured and Adopted Cast List for details.

Just two of the 26 exonerations to date have been after jury retrials, in May 2015 Stacey Hyde was acquitted and in March 2016 Cherelle Baldwin was acquitted, both self-defense cases.

In May, a petition was created calling for the reform of the AEDPA, please do sign it.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has proposed a case or participated in the voting and discussion, I hope in the coming year more victims of wrongful conviction will obtain justice!









Wrongly Convicted Group – First Annual Review

Today, 26th May 2015, is the anniversary of the first featured case proposal ( Kirstin Lobato ), I thought this would be a suitable day to take stock and review the group’s activities.

To mark the day, a new facebook page has been created Wrongly Convicted Group – Exonerees.

Many, many thanks to the many individuals who have contributed.

I hope to be able to report further successes over the next year.