John Maloney

In 1998, John Maloney’s wife under the influence of alcohol, attempted to commit suicide, didn’t succeed, but then died in an accidental fire.

Due to a group of corrupt right-wing investigators and attorneys ( including a defense attorney who threw both the trial and the appeal ) John Maloney was convicted of murder and is in prison, sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years.

More detail at this 2013 blog

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2 thoughts on “John Maloney”

    1. Gunnarson, you sound like you’re naive to Wisconsin’s criminal court system. I can tell you from experience that it is corrupt as sure is the day starts with a sunrise. When courts claim to lose paperwork and judge’s make rulings in direct conflict with supreme court precedent. A place where defense counsel is part of the prosecution team, where prison mail is confiscated by social workers and social workers make threats to send you to solitary confinement for mail received by a federal government agency. A state where double jeopardy means nothing and a state where you find yourself doing 10 years on a 9 year sentence. I can go on and on about the corruption in Wisconsin Criminal Court System. What I will never do is call it a justice system because it is not. One thing I got real good at while I was in Oakhill Correctional was the law, I got so good at the law that I had an inmate released at 3 a.m. and he wasn’t even up for parole, I had another released, by judicial order, from solitary confinement. My parole agent called me a very successful jailhouse lawyer, which pissed me off and by the time my parole was up I sued her and won a judgement in Milwaukee Federal Court. I filed grievances that made prison officials quit and county sheriff’s change the way they make and implement jail rules. I know for a fact that I could find something that was covered up, misplaced or disappeared because my experience with inmates who are in prison is that they will tell you outright what they did and for the inmates who say they did not do it lack a story of the crime (s) for which they were convicted, what they do not lack is a story of how they were railroaded by corrupt people within the system.


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