Christina WIlliams

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Witnesses that could have exonerated Christina were not interviewed, even after these witnesses came to the police department and asked to volunteer their information.

One witness at the scene testified during the trial that Christina was not even present when the crime occured.

There were weapons found at the scene, none of which could be associated with Christina.

There were fingerprints recovered that would point to other suspects.

Police instead arrested and convicted a girl that was under the influence of drugs and had no comprehension of anything that was going on, let alone the capabilities to formulate a plan and carry out a crime.

Shrien Dewani

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News Articles:
Shrien Dewani’s lawyer launches blistering attack on prosecution case The Guardian, Monday 24 November 2014
Shrien Dewani trial prosecutor explains alleged flaws in state evidence The Guardian, Tuesday 25 November 2014

Dewani murder case thrown out BBC News – Monday, 8 December 2014

See also Shrien Dewani found Not Guilty

Stacey Hyde

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Retrial Wednesday April 15, 2015.

Report on retrial May 21, 2015.

Exonerated May 21, 2015 – BBC Breaking News

Report in Wells Journal

Justice for Women, who campaigned on behalf of Miss Hyde have slammed the prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC for “aggressively pursuing” the prosecution in the face of what they described as: “overwhelming evidence that undermined his case for murder. In particular, at the appeal the adolescent psychiatrist instructed by the Crown was unable to support the prosecution and instead gave evidence for the defence.”

Quinlan vigorously opposed applications for bail following the successful appeal, and Miss Hyde remained in custody for a further six months awaiting trial.

A spokesman for Justice for Women said that despite evidence in support of self defence, Miss Hyde was willing to plead guilty to manslaughter. These detailed representations were rejected although the DPP refused to provide reasons for her decision.

Speaking after the verdict, Miss Hyde said: “I would like to say thank you to Justice for Women, my legal team, friends and family for believing in me and giving me hope and strength to never give up. I will be forever grateful and blessed to have been given my life back.”

Report in Guardian 21 May 2015

Outside the court, Hyde said on Thursday: “I would like to say thank you to Justice for Women, my legal team, friends and family for believing in me and giving me hope and strength to never give up. I will be for ever grateful and blessed to have been given my life back.”

Francis, 33, also from Wells, had a history of violence towards women. It was acknowledged by the prosecution that there had been 27 separate incidents of domestic violence between him and his girlfriend, Holly Banwell, and that he had also been violent towards his previous girlfriend.

Report in Guardian 11 June 2015 “There are many more who need their cases re-examined’

Letter from defense team published in Guardian 16 June 2015

Jessie B.

Jessica Burlew, a 17 year old girl diagnosed with schizophrenia and autism, has been held in isolation in Estrella Jail since January, 2014. She was been charged with 2nd degree murder for the accidental death of Jason Ash, a 43 year old man who was sexually exploiting her.

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Trial set for Monday August 17th, 2015 ( postponed )

Report August 12, 2015

“Eighteen-year-old Jessica Burlew has been in jail for 571 days as her public defenders and the state of Arizona waded through the complicated and drawn-out process of preparing for a homicide trial. A source close to the situation now tells New Times that attorneys and relevant parties have discussed and debated terms of various plea bargains for months, and court documents suggest that a tentative settlement of a manslaughter plea has been reached.

In return for a guilty plea, Burlew’s second-degree murder charge would be lessened to manslaughter.”

Note: see here for developments since August.

Rodney Reed

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Rodney Reed was convicted for the 1996 murder of Stacy Stites. Rodney explained that he had sex with Stites, intermittently, for 4 to 5 months before her death. Reed testified he had sex with Stites during the early hours of April 22, a full day before her murder. However, Travis County Medical Examiner Dr. Roberto Bayardo testified that the recovered semen had been deposited recently, thus contradicting Reed’s testimony. In August 2012, Bayardo admitted his trial testimony was inaccurate, that he, in fact, didn’t know the age of the semen or when it was deposited in Stacey.

A judge has set Reed’s execution for 14 January, 2015.

Update 25 Nov, 2014: Death row inmate Rodney Reed’s motion to expand the scope of additional DNA testing previously agreed upon with the state was denied by visiting Judge Doug Shaver Tuesday, though the court accepted a separate motion delaying his Jan. 15 date of execution to March 5.

Detailed Article on Nov 25 hearing. Supported by Innocence Project.

Execution stayed February 23, 2015

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