Who Killed Laci Peterson?

Many people have been re-examining the case of Scott Peterson and coming to the conclusion that he did not murder his wife Laci Peterson in December 2002.

This blog post addresses the question : “If Scott did not murder Laci, who did?”.

There is no way to be certain, but nevertheless, there are reasons to suspect the involvement of serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. The main evidence in support of this theory are anonymous messages, and evidence which suggests Edwards was the Zodiac Killer.

The first anonymous message, shown below, was sent to the Modesto Bee on May 4, 2003. ( Note that the bodies of Conner and Laci were discovered on April 13 and 14, Scott was arrested on April 18, Easter Day was Sunday 20 April ).EdwardsLetterAMessageFromGod

This appears to be a confession that the writer framed Scott Peterson.

[ Note: the reason that Edwards references Stayner on the 1st page may be that Stayner tried to frame others for his crime ( and in Modesto ).

“On Feb. 19 authorities found Carole Sund’s wallet insert in Modesto, about 90 miles from the crime scene. A month later a passerby found the tourists’ car. By then, the FBI was all but convinced it was looking for several killers. The main evidence was a taunting, anonymous letter mailed from Stockton on March 15. The letter described where Juli Sund’s body would be found. “We had our way with her,” the writer boasted, referring to Juli.

Investigators began to focus on a pair of methamphetamine users from Modesto, Michael (Mick) Larwick, 42, and his half-brother Eugene (Rufus) Dykes, 32. Both men had extensive criminal records. On March 25 Juli’s body was found exactly where the letter specified. Sometime after that, Eugene Dykes gave what the FBI regarded as a confession.

The FBI now realizes it was duped. Investigators say it was Stayner who left Carole Sund’s wallet insert in Modesto and Stayner who wrote the letter.”

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/handyman-and-his-voices-165828
So Stayner attempted to frame Dykes, enough to make him confess, acting as a “disciple” of Edwards. The repeated use of “12” appears to be a reference to the 12 disciples in Christianity. Note also the final two lines on the reverse side are taken from the Gospel of St. John, perhaps a reference to “John” who according to Margot Burns was working with Edwards in 1971.


Then, from March 22, 2005 through August 6, 2006, a poster using the handle “I Killed Laci Peterson” (IKLP) posted 544 messages on the Fratpack forum. See here for a dump of these messages.

[ Edit Nov 11, 2019 : it seems quite possible that Edwards was operating the Fratpack forum and also “forumsforjustice.org” see here ]

Some of the IKLP messages allude to the Zodiac Killer.

66. Wed Oct 05, 2005 3:30 am You are jealous this I see. As was with my cousin Zodiac. You will never capture me. Fore it is I who does not lack.

384. Thu May 18, 2006 2:05 pm Post Fore if thou breaks the code with FreeBird inside. Thee will tell thou where all others now hide. Thou is not very close. Not by photo of a boat. If thou asks why. Turn eyes to the sky. If thou is so slow. Thou will never know. Thou makes fun of thee if it will. Not laughs will stop thees amazing thrills. Zodiac had four but there were many more. Contact made from within the front door. Thous belief of her walk. Is basic stupid talk. Thou never leaves from within. No one witnesses thees sin. When of a state of no attention. It is how thee starts the detention. Travel in plain light. Right in thous sight. Thou never thinks twice. Thee appears so nice. If thou only knew. How much thee laughs at you. The most obvious of all alludes. Passes by right in front of you. Thou has so many wrong guesses. Thee listens learns and progresses. Thou who count not look for thee. Is why thou makes it easy to be free. A last note to thou stuck on a boat. Thee stands on another deck and simply gloats. FreeBird

386. Thu May 18, 2006 7:47 pm Fore Zodiac and thee are not one in the same. Thou watch what they say about Z and his fame. If thou believe Z has not always been free. Then thou is so wrong in what it believe. More than thou will ever know is Z count. Smarts without thou knowing is what Z is about. FreeBird

The next message refers to a “code” that was “told” more than 30 years ago:

387. Mon May 29, 2006 2:01 pm Fore the code is old. Over 30 years it was once told. Should thou be as bright as sun light. Should not take thou long to get it right. FreeBird.

The code referred to could be the 408 symbol Zodiac code, sent to newspapers on August 1, 1969 ( see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiac_Killer#Timeline ).

There is a considerable, even overwhelming, amount of evidence that suggests that Edwards was the Zodiac killer. Please see, for example, https://ededwardsserialkiller.wordpress.com/zodiac-killer/

The Zodiac killer left a short “signature” which apparently decodes to “I’m Edward E”.

“I Killed Laci Peterson” also sent this message:

Mon Oct 10, 2005 2:19 pm Fore here is a clue for who remain on my list. 28527 – 8240 – 791 – 94 – 7 tho is smart who deciphers this.

If the zero and alternate digits are dropped ( analogous to the decoding of the Zodiac short signature ), the result is 8 2 8 4 9 9 7. Using the mnemonic substitution

9 – E ( “e” is similar to mirror image of “9” )
8 – D ( “8” can be made with two D’s – see Zodiac code )
7 – W ( W can be made from two 7s )
4 – A ( “A” when tilted to the right becomes “4” )
2 – R ( “R” is slightly similar to “2” )

this translates to D R D A E E W an anagram of “EDWARD E”.

[ Update Oct 19, 2019. Note the grouping of the digits, 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1, this matches the date on the”Message from God” 5 – 4 – 03, plus 5 4 = “E” “D”.

Also see here for re Thunderbirds Countdown opening sequence 5-4-3-2-1

Also, the last four digits are “1947”, maybe a clue => 1947 – Elizabeth Short.
Credit: here.

Note: In October 2019, a witness who was forced to help Edwards make a Zodiac card, and to whom he confessed multiple murders, told me that Edwards told her that 7 was associated with W, confirming my original interpretation back in the year 2015.

Finally, if you take the symbols “GOD ( I )” from the “Message from God”, apparently a clue to the identity of the writer, and stack them over one another, the result is a circle with a cross, similar to the symbol used by the Zodiac Killer to sign his correspondence:


[ Update Oct 30, 2019 : or more accurately “ED” as Margot Burns pointed out ]

Besides these mysterious messages, linking the Scott Peterson case to the Zodiac Killer, and thence to Edward Wayne Edwards, circumstances suggest the involvement of a devious, manipulative, psychopath serial killer:

(1) Planting the bodies, in such a way as to frame Scott Peterson for the murder would involve risk.

(2) Laci Peterson’s head and parts of each arm and leg were missing, and all her internal organs were missing, suggesting they were removed and Conner was then removed from Laci’s corpse.

(3) Conner was found above the high tide line, and had twine looped around his body, tied in a bow. The body was in relatively good condition, suggesting it may have been kept in a bag, separate from the body of Laci.

(4) A calculation to estimate when Conner died, when done correctly ( see the Habeas petition, available here ) suggests that Conner lived into January.

Possibly Laci was abducted after observing the burglary of the Medina house in progress to prevent her calling police, or possibly her abduction was planned in advance and intended to divert the attention of the police from solving the burglary. Edwards had a record of safe burglary, and could have been the mastermind behind it.

Discussion here

See also here re the Kathleen Johns Modesto Zodiac killing

Update October 2019

See here for a witness who met Edwards and saw him making a Zodiac card ( this witness confirmed 7 is associated with W ).

On April 11, 2003 Steve Hodel’s theory that his father murdered the Black Dahlia in 1947 was announced, on April 13 further rumours in the Black Dahlia case were announced, the very same day that Conner’s body was found. See here.

Could Edwards have planted the bodies of Conner and Laci to “steal” Steve Hodel’s thunder? Was this no strange coincidence, even a clue?  See here for the extensive evidence that it was Edwards that murdered the “Black Dahlia” ( Elizabeth Short ) in 1947.

Edwards referred to George Hill Hodel Jr as “Over The Hill Hodel” in 1971, according to Margot Burns.

Update October 16, 2019

Edwards confessed to planting Laci’s remains


8 thoughts on “Who Killed Laci Peterson?”

  1. The really important question is this: How did the fetus get out of the uterus?

    Second, why was the condition of the fetus so radically different than that of the mother?

    Dr B. Peterson ‘explained’ these away. In both cases, his explanations were ludicrous nonsense, easily proven false.

    The only possible explanation is that the fetus was removed from the mother by human hands, before or at the time of her death. And that also explains why it was wrapped with ‘twine’ (actually stiff plastic tape). Peterson was wrong about that as well.

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  2. I’m a medium and channel Laci Peterson’s spirit and she says it was a group of tall dark foreign American men, brothers and cousins who took her life, they drowned her first to cut her open to get her son and spoke a foreign speech, they did not speed out of the area but acted like innocent interested investigators maybe, they closed the file by their fake fraud lying scandal as they brain washed the area ten miles square and still are all over that area by the ocean and in many small towns and large cities by text aim email fax social media messenger and by lying in groups in person and do it everywhere as the hated devil to kill babies in front of moms usually and are homosapians that eat babies skin and organs and torture humans is the reason and Scott was not there at the time of death and it could be proven by checking surveillance and security cameras and the men who commited the murders will lie their checking it and investigating the crime they did as that’s the way they all get away with so many cold blooded murders. Find Scott’s car at a traffic light at the date and time of death. The murders were done by manipulation and trickery and brain washing and copy pasting facts as they do it everyday in many places in California and call County Coroners in advance, three minutes ahead of time before the death and pretend their secret service investigators and Government Agent case workers, and medical observation sting units, Watch Dogs, computer technicians in tall vans


  3. My wordpress angel179.wordpress explains the baby mother killers. Please read it as I believe the antichrist did this, an organized satanic cult sex ring on meth and heroin, thousands like a Charlie Manson cult kill alot of babies and mothers, and families etc.


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