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Scott Peterson

Scott was alleged to have murdered his pregnant wife for no good reason, then dumped her body in San Franciso Bay in broad daylight, then immediately told police where. But they could not find the body. Appellate brief filed July 2012, State responded January 2015, Reply Brief 23 July 2015, Habeas Appeal November 2015.

In 2014, a book “It’s Me, Edward Wayne Edwards, The Serial Killer you Never Heard Of” identified serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards as the killer, and in 2015 a coded signature “Edward E” left by Edwards was decoded.

This “Message from God” was sent to the Modesto Bee on 5-4-03, Laci’s birthday. 54 = “ED” when coded with A=1, B=2 etc.


If the symbols in “GOD (I)” are stacked on top of each other, you get a circle with a cross, that is a Zodiac symbol ( without the lines that extend outside the circle ).

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Update August 2016: Summary of Habeas Appeal