Jeremy Bamber framed by fabricated evidence

Trial by Media

When I first wrote about the Jeremy Bamber case, it was not clear to me whether the forensic evidence used to convict him was simply a mistake, or whether it was fabricated. New evidence has since come to my attention which shows it was both – a mistake led to Jeremy being suspected by police, and then fabricated evidence was manufactured to ensure a conviction.

CCRC Watch

First, I want to make some brief observations on the source of some of the most important new evidence. A search for “Dr Michael Naughton” beings up this page from the website of Bristol University, which states that “Dr Michael Naughton is a leading scholar on miscarriages of justice and wrongful convictions, activist for innocent victims of wrongful convictions and writer. He has received numerous awards and prizes for his work” and “Michael is the Founder and Director of Empowering the Innocent…

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