Kara Garvin

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On December 22, 2008, between 6 and 6:38 pm, a man, his wife, and his 20-year-old daughter were shot in an execution style murder. Their 6-year-old grandson was present.

The child ran to a neighbor who called his mother and her uncle. He then called 911. On the 911 call the child said a girl with black hair came in and shot his papaw, mamaw and sissy, he did not know her name. The child could NOT have seen what he testified to after being coached by the State – his original statements are in conflict with his testimony. Kara’s hair was blonde not black.

There was no physical evidence linking Kara to the crime, and other conflicts in the State’s theory.

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Tim Casner

Tim Casner was convicted of burglary and sentenced to 26 years in prison. The prosecution’s key witness was Casner’s uncle, Gary Lewis, a drug addict facing a decade in prison on narcotics charges. He traded his testimony against his nephew for leniency. But Gary Lewis has since signed an affidavit recanting his testimony. He told ABC15 Investigators he lied on the stand after he was fed information.

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Judge Alex Kozinski suggests lying prosecutor be prosecuted for perjury!

Could this finally be the push to stop prosecutorial misconduct?

“What will it take to produce honest and ethical conduct from our state and federal prosecutors? The Ninth Circuit has a suggestion. Perhaps a perjury prosecution will do it. In fact, that is exactly what should happen when prosecutors affirmatively lie.”

What is notable is the involvement of the California Attorney General:

“Making matters worse, the California Attorney General fought “tooth and nail” to keep the transcript of the relevant hearing from the California Court of Appeal.”

Read more at http://observer.com/2015/01/breaking-ninth-circuit-panel-suggests-perjury-prosecution-for-lying-prosecutors/#ixzz3PeS829B2

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Richard Glossip

Featured case #45

Richard Glossip was wrongly convicted of paying for his boss to be murdered, and sentenced to death. There is no reliable evidence that Richard entered into a conspiracy with the killer, the conviction was based only on the word of the meth addict killer, who was threatened with the death penalty if he did not accuse Richard. The motive suggested by the killer was not credible.

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Execution set for September 16.

Article in “The Intercept” July 9, 2015.


Appeal Ruling April 13, 2007

Various documents

Death row prisoner Richard Glossip facing execution in days for murder he insists he did not commit Daily Mirror, August 31, 2015

When Eight is Enough How many “true” stories does it take to execute an innocent man? Transcript summary and commentary written by Mr. Glossip’s Innocence Legal Defense Team.

Article in “The Intercept” September 4, 2015

Article Richard Glossip – what really happened September 7, 2015

Fox 25 Investigation: Evidence destroyed in Glossip case before any appeal was decided September 15, 2015

Appeal September 16, 2015 via Huffington Post Article.

Two week stay granted September 16, 2015








Wikipedia Article

Evidentiary hearing denied September 28

SCOTUS Appeal 29 Sept 2015

Don Knight Discusses case at reddit.com October 2015