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Rodney Lincoln

A case of extremely doubtful identification by children of the victim. In 2010 the Midwest Innocence Project (MIP) paid to have DNA testing conducted on the hair and other hairs found at the scene. That testing proved that the only physical evidence used against Rodney at trial could NOT have come from him.

Oral arguments in the Missouri Appeals Court 18 November, 2014

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November 28, 2015: Melissa DeBoer recants: “Rodney Lincoln did NOT kill my mom. He did not attempt to kill my sister and I. It was Tommy Lynn Sells. When the veil fell from my eyes I was horrified. I have kept an innocent man in prison for 34 years.. I did not know I was wrong but I was.. and realizing it is so painful. When I saw a picture of Tommy Lynn Sells, I had a horrible, horrible feeling. And when I think about that terrible night, I now see how I could have gotten mixed up. This is all I can really say right now.”

Witness to mother’s 1982 murder in St. Louis says imprisoned man didn’t do it 18 March 2016

June 2, 2018 : sentence commuted by governor.