Clayton Mibroda

On January 11,2012 after just four days the jury in Westmoreland County PA, found Clayton guilty of 3rd degree murder in the death of his 20 day old daughter, Natalee.

There was no evidence to convict Clayton. No one at any time had ever witnessed or suspected him of harming either of his children. He and Natalee’s mother had two children together. There were co workers, neighbors, friends and family members willing to testify on Clayton’s behalf as per his relationship with his children and his interaction with them.

The location of the crime scene was the residence in which Clayton, the mother of his children and both children resided, Bolivar, PA. It was a small community in western PA.

Natalee was born on December 7, 2011, six weeks premature and positive for opiates at birth. She was released to her parents at two days of age and no further tests were done. It is our opinion she was experiencing withdrawl symptoms. By mother’s admission she was experiencing post partum depression, she was diagonosed with depression on Dec. 23rd and had a follow up appointment the afternoon of Dec. 27, 2011 at 1pm.

On the morning of Dec. 27,2011 while Clayton was ill and sleeping mother called the doctor’s office and asked for an emergency appointment; at this time she stated { my meds are not working, I need to see the doctor right away}. She was told to come in asap. The location of the clinic where she was seen was three minutes from their home, 0.4 mile. While at the doctors she was adviced to call the mental health crisis hotline, records indicate she did that. At 11:52 am Claytons mother received an emotional phone call. Ms L asked her if she would take both children before she hurt them. When asked if she had hurt them she replied; “not that bad”. Arrangements were made for Clayton’s mother to take both children but before that ever took place she received the phone call from Clayton telling her they were at Indiana Regional Medical Center and that Natalee had died.

If you would like to become better aquainted with Clayton’s story and the events following his arrest and conviction you may visit his website which is under construction. We expect it to be up and running the end of Feb. 2016.

Currently Clayton’s case is being reviewed by the Medill Justice program out of Northwestern University and the PA Innocence Project. Attorney Kate Judson has reveiwed some of the medical documents in Natalee’s case and made the referral to the PA Innocence Project.

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Alfonso Staton

Alfonso Staton has been serving time for a murder that he did not commit since 1997 in Lee Correctional Institute in Bishopville, SC.

Someone else confessed to the murder, however Alfonso was also charged and convicted for murder under the “hand of one, hand of all” law because of the testimony of someone stating that they saw Alfonso at a party where the victim was supposedly located prior to the murder. This same witness also admitted on the stand that he had been on a drunken binge for a month, blanks out repeatedly and really couldn’t recall a lot of the events of that night.

Alfonso was young when this happened and was advised by his attorney to not testify because it was no proof that he had done anything. With no proof, his statement proclaiming his innocence and a witness accounting for his whereabouts at the time of the murder, you would’ve thought that was enough for Alfonso to freed, however just as many before him, the justice system failed him.

Alfonso has filed for appeals and has been denied; he was recently up for parole in September and hoped for a chance at freedom however he was denied parole. To add insult to heartbreaking injustice, the person that confessed to the murder has served time and has been released while Alfonso is still imprisoned.

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Wrongful Convictions around the World

Last night I had an hour-long talk with exoneree Gloria Goodwin-Killian on “blog talk radio”.

We discussed how the Wrongly Convicted Group came about, the wrongful convictions caused by serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards and several individual cases such as Jodi Arias, David Camm, Debra Milke,  Kirstin Blaise LobatoDarlie Routier, Hannah Overton, Scott Peterson, Christopher ColemanStobert Holt, Sam SheppardRichard Glossip, Steven AveryBrendan Dassey and Diane Downs .



Kenneth Grondin

20-year-old Andrea Eilber was found shot to death  in 2011.

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Grondin, was convicted of her murder.

His family maintains he didn’t do it.

“He was OK because he knew that he was innocent and that it would all work out,” said Kenneth’s mother, April Grondin.

It’s not the holiday season the Grondin family envisioned.

They were sure their son, 23-year-old Kenneth, would be cleared of murder charges this past October, but instead, a jury found him guilty of murdering Eilber.

“I think they had their mind made up as soon as they found her body,” April said.

They’re convinced someone else pulled the trigger on Eilber while she was house-sitting in Lapeer County’s Mayfield Township.

Source December 28, 2015

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Humberto Sanchez-Rengifo

Humberto Sanchez-Rengifo was convicted of the sexual assault of a 15 year old girl  on June 16, 1997, and sentenced to life without parole.

Huberto claims this was a case of mistaken identity. The attacker allegedly sexually assaulted the victim for two hours, raping her after threatening her with a knife.

A semen stain found on the sheet of the bed where the assault took place was found to be from another man. A fingerprint expert testified that none of the latent fingerprints recovered from the scene connected Humberto to the offense.

Huberto claims an identification card with his picture on it was found in the victim’s mother’s bedroom, where the rape occurred. According to Huberto, officers displayed the card to the victim and inquired if that was her assailant. The victim gave a vague and inconclusive response. However, by the time of the jury trial, her story changed and she was now certain Huberto was her assailant.


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Kenneth Clair

Kenneth Clair was convicted of  the 1984 murder of a baby sitter in Santa Ana, Orange County, California, and sentenced to death.

A child witness who did not testify initially stated that the murdererer was white, but then changed his story., but in an affidavit filed in Aug. 2004, the now-grown Jerrod Hessling, testified that he changed his description at the behest of his mother’s boyfriend, who was a member of a white motorcycle club.

There was no physical evidence tying Clair to the killing, he was convicted mostly on the strength of a taped conversation between him and ex-girlfriend Pauline Flores. In the recording, Flores repeatedly tries to get Clair to admit he killed Rodgers.

However in 2011, DNA tests revealed DNA from an unknown male.

Source :

In January 2016, it was revealed that in March 2015, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals secretly overturned Clair’s death sentence and sealed the records.


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Study: Sleep deprivation linked to false confessions

“To the average person it’s inconceivable how a false confession can happen,” says Saul Kassin of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, who has been an expert witness in dozens of wrongful conviction cases. He says the suspect usually sees it as a short-term measure, thinking that when all the evidence is in, their innocence will become obvious. “They believe that in the end they won’t have to pay for the confession.”

Such a gamble is hard for juries to understand, he says, but the latest study might help. In this, 88 people did various computer tasks as part of a fake experiment, then either slept for 8 hours or had to stay awake all night. The next morning they were accused of losing all the study data by pressing the “Escape” key, something they had been repeatedly warned against.

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Serial killers may kill more victims than we think

I think serial killers may lso be responsible for a significant number of wrongful convictions.

Colder Case

Serial killers may be responsible for up to 10 times as many U.S. deaths as previously estimated, according to an analysis by a criminologist at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Kenna Quinet, associate professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI, makes the case for the higher death figures in an article titled, “The Missing Missing: Toward a Quantification of Serial Murder Victimization in the United States.” It was published recently in the journal Homicide Studies.

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Steven Crain

Steven Crain, was and still is a victim of being an innocent man being rail-roaded, incarcerated (6 years in Nevada state prison and currently on parole and probation), because of the vindictive, retaliatory, drug using, drug dealing, drug selling, drug trafficking (NV – CA.), Regina Hyman, and all because of the fact that Steven would not baby-sit for his neighbor, Regina, kids for free.  Angered by that,Regina filed false charges against him, claiming that Steven had allegedly attempted lewdness to her youngest daughter, LaGina Hyman.  There was never any evidence, just malicious retaliatory hearsay, and even that had so many lies.  Regina admitted in court transcripts that she (Regina) has a history of making these types of accusations, both in Nevada and California, claiming that other men have sexually assaulted her other daughters.  Even Regina admits that her daughter LaGina never really told her (Regina) what happened.  How could LaGina tell her mother, Regina, what happened, when nothing happened.  It also must be noted that Regina waited three days after her daughter, LaGina, told Regina the lies, to falsely file her perjured police report against Steven Crain.

Regina had incentive to knowingly file false charges against Steven and to knowingly commit perjury on the witness stand.  One is Regina was given immunity from her multitude of drug usage, drug possession, drug dealing charges by the Clark County District Attorney’s office. Two is that Regina was paid to do this by the District Attorney.  The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has never denied giving Regina immunity and paying Regina Hyman.

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Charles Goldblum

Charles Goldblum was convicted of the Feb. 9, 1976 murder of George Wilhelm, a 42-year-old former armored truck driver, who was stabbed 23 times.

Wilhelm lived long enough to make a so-called dying declaration to the police officer who found him. “Clarence — Clarence Miller did this to me.”

Clarence Miller was questioned, and accused Charles Goldblum of killing Wilhelm.

Goldblum has steadfastly maintained that, although present at the crime scene, he was only a shocked witness to the killing.

Many people originally involved with the case now say that Goldblum is innocent, including both the assistant district attorney who prosecuted him and the judge who sentenced him.

Source : Article in Pittsburg Post-Gazette, February 7, 2016

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Paul Cortez

Paul Cortez was convicted of the November 27, 2005 murder of his girlfriend Catherine Woods who was found stabbed to death in her Upper East Side Manhattan apartment.

The only forensic evidence to connect him to the crime was a fingerprint which the defense claims was pre-existing.

Suppressed phone records support his claim that he was elsewhere when Woods was murdered.

Other suspects were ignored, and forensic evidence was not analysed. In particular there was another suspect coincidentally named ‘Paul’ who had been stalking Catherine Woods, and David Haughn who was living with Woods had motive and opportunity, and told several lies.

For more details, please refer to the case overview at

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Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper has been on death row in California for 30 years and is set to be the next person executed by the state. Cooper was convicted of murdering a mother, father, and two 10-year-old children in a crime that horrified prosecutors in 1983. However, the execution is drawing some criticism, as five federal judges say that Kevin Cooper may be innocent and that evidence suggests that the man may not have committed the terrible murder. Despite an unprecedented 103-page dissent letter signed by five federal judges in the Kevin Cooper appeal case, noting that “the State of California may be about to execute an innocent man,” the lethal injection is still scheduled to take place unless Governor Jerry Brown intervenes.

Source: Jan 31, 2016

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