Asking for a Case to be Adopted

Asking for a Case to be Adopted

Members of the Wrongfully Convicted Group can ask for a case to be adopted.

To ask for a case to be adopted, simply join the group and ask a website editor ( currently only George Barwood ) for it to be proposed.

Following a request for a case to be proposed, a website editor will make a post on the website and post a formal proposal in the group, linked from the website.

The threshold for a proposal to be passed is a minimum of 6 votes in favour. Three days are allowed for voting, but this is extended if there are insufficient votes in favour.

The general approach is to reach a consensus. If objections are found to have insufficient substance by group admin, the proposal will be passed. Such decisions may be appealed to the Wrongly Convicted Board.

See also Wrongful Convictions, Recommended Sites and Home Page.

8 thoughts on “Asking for a Case to be Adopted”

  1. The Samantha Mayse case should be featured, because she is currently appealing and she has obvious reasons as to why it should be overturned!
    She admits to agreeing to meet Shawn Davis in-order to rob him, but she can’t be made responsible for the actions of the other three defendants: Marion Lawson Parker, Patrick Cooke or Mary Ann Hartbarger. She took no part in the murder, for which Parker was proven to have committed and it was also agreed that the other two defendants disposed of the victim’s body.
    Samantha is a kind person and is only guilty of naivety and accessory to robbery. Subsequent letters to Parker showed that she played no part in the victim’s murder or disposal of the body, but she is only serving her sentence due to being blamed for being present at the time of the crime itself.
    A person sleeping inside the same place could also be deemed just as guilty too, but there is no evidence to prove her guilt and a fantastic life is being destroyed by this injustice!

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  2. Why do we bias peoples truth by barring them from even being heard if they have prior convictions? Can people not change and can’t cases be trumped up? Since I became an active activist in my town the police have been after me and so have the courts, filing trumped up charges on me, stealing my property and so on, even pulled a gun out on my disabled son but who cares to fight for things like this because folks like to take the easy way out, it is too hard to fight for people like me who give their lives to the cause smh.

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