Jeffrey Abramowski

Jeffrey Abramowski was convicted for the murder of Cortney Crandall in 2002.

According to an article in Florida Today ( December 2019 ):

“Abramowski’s fingerprints were not found at the crime scene. There was no blood evidence found on his clothing, despite copious amounts at the murder scene. The only thing tying Abramowski to the murder scene is a trace of DNA apparently found under Crandall’s fingernail.”


“Jeffrey Abramowski’s first trial ended in a mistrial when one of the state’s jailhouse snitches changed his mind and said he had been coerced by the state. ”

According to a Federal Appeal brief filed in 2016:


Petitioner asserts that he is actually innocent, and that his conviction after two mistrials is amiscarriage of justice on all levels. First, the victim of this case was involved in an altercation with Bruce Foley just days before the murder where Bruce Foley told the victim that he would kill him.
Furthermore,Bruce Foley beat the victim repeatedly with his fists and other blunt instruments, and it was only after the police were called and third parties intervened that Bruce Foley stopped attacking the victim.Furthermore, Bruce Foley fled the state of Florida shortly after the murder of the decedent, and his DNA and other physical evidence from Bruce Foley was found at the murder scene.
The DNA evidence is also not properly analyzed in that the victim shares a single loci with Petitioner, and as such there are only matches at two loci of the DNA profile found on the victim.
Furthermore, the record is clear that the Brevard County Sheriffs engaged in misconduct, which included getting a jail house snitch to lie on the stand, resulting in the first mistrial.
Furthermore, Bruce Foley, who threatened to kill the victim days before this incident, which was witnessed by several individuals and contained in police report provided by the State of Florida, fled the State the day of or the day after the victims other blunt force objects which was the method and manner that Bruce Foley used to attack the victim just days before his murder including beating him with a golf club. It wasn’t until third parties intervened and that police were called that the fight broke up.
Clearly, not only the circumstances surrounding the conviction of Petitioner is bizarre are best, that is two mistrials and then a third being represented by an inexperienced Attorney in the throes of severe illness, there are a lot of facts and other suspects which were not explored, developed or discussed at Petitioners Jury Trial.
End Quote

2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Abramowski”

  1. Please stand up for wrongful convictions. Get educated if you are unsure of how this can happen to you as well. The justice system is suppose to work. But so much corruption within Florida laws and within the whole state of Florida. Just do some research yourself. There are elderly men in prison that has a natural life sentence in Florida prisons for stealing out of a car to nit pick crimes. I believe in punishment don’t get me wrong. But a life sentence ? The crimes don’t fit the punishment. Too many people have proved their innocence after decades of fighting for their freedom in this state that only has deaf ears. Florida don’t care if you are innocent. When you get into the system they don’t want to let anyone go. Please, support Jeffrey Abramowski from this conviction that was totally a frame up. If you knew Jeff when all of this happened you would say the same thing, he is innocent ! Please help us end these missed Holidays with his children and now a grandfather that would love to see them grow up. His life was taken away so fast in front of everyone’s eyes, disowned from his parents due to all of the lies. 18 years now…. don’t you think that’s long enough ? Innocent at that ?
    Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for this family as we will never give up until he is home and exonerated.
    Kim Dollar


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