Case List

The Case List

Update: the Case Lists are no longer being updated. Instead please refer to the Featured and Adopted Case List.

In the closed group, there are two Facebook documents that track claims of wrongful conviction that have been brought up in the Group:

Cases in Bold indicate cases that are Featured or Adopted. See Asking for a Case to be Featured

Any case may be added to the case list, simply by asking in the group.

There is no formal process, just give minimal information ( often a link to a website, Facebook page or news report ), and the Country and State/County/City as applicable.

One thought on “Case List”

  1. Dear Gents,Dear Madames,
    I do come to you as a strong supporter of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as I have researched his case and realized that more things do point to his innocence than the opposite.Please look up Paul Craig Roberts under Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.I do believe the aunt of Dzhokhar,Maret Tsarnaeva who is fearing for her life to this very day because she stood up for her nephew.According to her Affidavit the former lead lawyer of Dzhokhar ,Judy Clarke,has visited parents of Dzhokhar in the year 2014 in Russia and has admitted to them that she,Judy Clarke is in the know of Dzhokhars innocence.She also went so far as to warn the parents of Dzhokhar that if they would not refrain from saying in public that Dzhokhar is innocent Dzhokhars life in Boston would be at risk.Dzhokhar himself refused to cooperate with U.S.Government appointed lawyers as the U.S.Government wanted to prosecute Dzhokhar in the same time.He rightly did not trust them.Dzhokhar was pressured into acceptance of U.S.Government appointed lawyers who were in the know of his innocence from the beginning yet they have thrown Dzhokhar under the bus sentencing him unlawfully to death by lethal injection. Dzhokhars case is clearly a wrongful conviction case on federal level. I do hope that Dzhokhars case will be deemed worldwide as a huge miscarriage of justice.I am wondering why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not on a list of the wrongfully convicted as he clearly is.Maybe it is because in his case there are very influential people involved in it and it is a federal level case.I am grateful if I would get an answer to my question why Dzhokhars case is not deemed as a wrongful conviction case in your group as his case clearly is.Thank you beforehand for your answer to this question,
    Elisabeth Ritter-Blaser


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